Destination of the week : Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary Guntur

Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary Guntur

Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary Guntur | Image Resource :

This sanctuary is exclusively for the Pelicans (1500 of them) and it’s soo cool. The birds are comfortably housed and even the visitor species feel at home within the natural and man- made environment that has been constructed impecuniously. Apart from it, the migrating immigrants that fly all the way from Siberia and Australia are also welcomed here. Wonderful college trip and we all had a great time together.

Kailasagiri Visakhapatnam – A Heavenly Day Amidst of Nature

Next day I woke up early to enjoy the sunrise and from the balcony I enjoyed my coffee watching the beautiful sunrise. My first destination in this amazing city was the Kailasagiri Visakhapatnam. The Kailasagiri Park in Vizag is located at the hilltop which offers a beautiful view. Moreover it is a must place to visit once in life time.

Kailasagiri Park in Vizag

Kailasagiri Park in Vizag | Image Resource :

The park offers beautiful scenic beauty of Vizag from the hilltop. As a nature lover and an environmental engineer I thought of going for a trekking which will help me to understand the flora and fauna of the area. The top hill is well-connected with bus services. You can find buses to top hill every 20 minutes.

But I started my trekking and from the information board I could know the Kailasagiri Park spreads over 380 acres and was built by the VUDA. I climbed through the small natural path which was traditional and reached the hill top after two hours enjoying the blissful nature. The old natural steps were renovated and widened. I could see people enjoying their view from the ropeway.  A few film shooting were going on there. The whole of Vizag was visible when I climbed up hills and the view was mesmerizing.

Kailasagiri Hill Park

Kailasagiri Hill Park | Image Resource :

The tremendous statue of Lord Shiva and Parvathy offered a grant look to the whole Kaiasagiri. Then I went to view the Titanic view point and different attractions, for example, Shanku-Chakra Namas of Lord Venkateswara of Tirupati, floral clock, gliding point, and food courts.  I appreciated and explored the every last place on the peak and enjoyed the mystique of nature.

Statues of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi

Statues of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi | Image Resource :

There is a Shanti Ashram, which offers a serene environment for the people who need to contemplate for quite a while. In the ashram I sat in the quiet environment and viewed the surroundings. I was really energetic by the quietness of the spot. The flower clock on the edge is really appealing as it is one of the best herbal weighs in India.

The capsule lift in this spot offered the inspiring view of entire Vishakhapatnam. The Kailasagiri has won the best award in 2003. I came down to the plains through the steps, which are meant for the individuals on foot. It is believed that Lord Siva and Goddesses Parvathy sit on the peak resembles that of the Great Himalayas.

Destination of the week: Buddha Statue Of Amaravathi Guntur

Buddha Statue Of Amaravathi Guntur

Buddha Statue Of Amaravathi Guntur | Image Resource:

Along the fertile plains of the river Krishna, is this place and the Sanctuary is attracting many Buddhists and other tourists across the country. Join the family during the festivities. But the wild winter winds and drenching monsoons are to be surely enjoyed with friends and bike rides on the way to the temple.

Destination of the week: Kondaveedu Fort Guntur

Kondaveedu Fort Guntur

Kondaveedu Fort Guntur | Image Resource:

A well advised economic option to go for while, touring in large groups. Wi- Fi connection is secured in most of the spots. The food was appetizing and cooked under clean circumstances. Though I prefer travelling alone, this nervous family trip did seem fun. All thanks to the staffs and the receptionist who had to put up with our uncanny family situations during the stay.

My air travel from Amausi Lucknow to Vishakhapatnam

As a lover of nature I have been to Vishakhapatnam more than once and I love the place for its nature, water fall, sightseeing places beaches and many more. I think it is a perfect place for an environmental engineer like me. I always get a lot to explore and research in this place.

Though I am a budget traveler, this time I choose to travel on air as I had very less time to spend in Vizhag. Hence I did not want to waste my time on train journey. This time I planned to explore the wild nature and the near places of waterfalls and the foliage in Gundur.

I searched for suitable hotel on a traveler agent’s website and end up in getting a good deal in the flight & hotel for Vishakhapatnam. This helped me to find out a suitable hotel which suits my schedules and budget. I could manage to avail a good deals and discounts for the hotel and the air ticket as well.

Amausi Locknow International Airport

Amausi Locknow International Airport | Image Resource:

I booked my ticket on airindia which is one of the most renowned airlines in India. My flight was scheduled at 8.50 and with a stopover at New Delhi it reaches Vizhag at 1.15 pm. The scheduled flight timing was very convenient for me as I don’t need to wake up early and rush up to the airport. I reached the airport around 7 am in the morning for check-in procedures.

Though I choose to travel on was in Economy Class, the flight was convenient with enough legroom. The cabins were facilitated with all amenities and facilities. Individual videos, music system, Seats were stretchable. I purchased some snacks and drinks. Some complimentary things such as newspaper, magazines, and bottled drinking water were supplies.

The staff was very pleasing and well mannered. The food I purchased was good and tasty. I enjoyed watching movies and watched some TV channels. The journey was very comfortable. At New Delhi the flight stopped for a while and we again took off to Vizhag.

It was 1.15 when I reached Vizhag the most awaited moments. I was thrilled to visit the place again as it is a perfect place for environmentalist to explore and study.

Choose Kalimpong for a unique trekking experience.

True natural beauty doesn’t need any introduction. Recently, I got a chance to experience such a destination when we took a trip to Darjeeling and stayed at Kalimpong. It is a beautiful hill station located at the Mahabharat Range in West Bengal. It is amongst one of the most popular trekking destinations in Darjeeling.

As compared to other tourist destinations in West Bengal, Kalimpong is frequently visited by different types of tourists such as trekking, hikers, adventure junkie etc. Its proximity to other tourist places in Darjeeling has also been a reason for its popularity. This beautiful town is not only known for its trekking zone but also for its vast tea plantations, evergreen forests, floral markets, jewellery, cultural attires and handicrafts.

This amazing hill station is blessed with a vibrant art, culture, food, wildlife and vegetation. If your are in Kalimpong, there are numerous activities you can indulge in. However, I was in Kalimpong for trekking with my cousins.

Neora Valley Nature Reserve

Neora Valley Nature Reserve | Image Resource:

We chose Neora Valley Nature Reserve as our trekking destination. This place represents the oldest ecosystem of Eastern Himalayas. You will notice amazing bio diversity. This reserve also preserves countless rare and endangered avi-fauna, usually flora and fauna.

  •  The trek started from Lava and all the way through the shady dense hill forest.
  •  After scoping the hill and valley you will reach Rachela Pass.
  •  Rachela Pass is 3152 Mts above ground level and is located at the Indo-Bhutan border which was our destination.

After spending few hours on this border, it was time to trek back to the starting point. The return route was a bit different. We decided to trek down to the nearby village and then find our way home rather than going all the way back.

The trek to Rishi Valley was quite pleasant, we made our way through the farmlands, gushing streams, cardamom plantations, and waterfalls, interacted with the villagers and had a fun time.

This was my experience at Kalimpong. Not many people know about this place. However, I highly recommend it to trekkers. I hope that you guys found this post to be interesting. Let me know your thoughts on it.

Gatte Ki Sabzi – The Finger-Lickingly Delicious Cuisine from Rajasthan

Taking too many mountain cycling trips or going too often for wildlife photography expeditions taught me the sacredness of food. Besides, my impending journey to US for doing MS in Environment Engineering also drove me to try my hands at cooking. I want to cook for myself while I shall be in overseas, and gatte ki sabzi shall be the number one dish that I am going to try, apart from my native food.

Before I took the plunge to explore Jaipur along with my travel buddies, I was expecting that the Rajasthani food would blow away my mind. In reality it did and how! During our short stay in Jaipur, we devoured everything– from typical Rajasthani thali containing daal batty churma, rice, to piping hot jalebis, sweet ghewar or spicy kachauris. But for me, nothing cast the spell like gatte ki sabzi.

Gatte Ki Sabzi

Gatte Ki Sabzi | Image Resource:

The soft besan or gramflour dumplings floating in a rich and spicy yogurt based gravy and are served with steaming rice or hot, fluffy chapattis- just thinking and writing about it wields the power to water my mouth. I hail from Lucknow and belived in a steady diet of kebabs and biryani throughout my life. But before taking a bite of those soft gramflour balls, I never imagined that such an innocent looking dish could play with my taste buds so strongly.

Though the hotel we stayed in used to serve awesome Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines in its spacious restaurant; every single day I opted for traditional rajasthani thali where gatte ki sabzi had to be there, if not at lunch then during dinner. Few of my friends used to order Chinese everytime and I didn’t understand why -when Chinese food is pretty common everywhere in India including Lucknow and gatte ki sabzi is not.

These days I am cooking gatte ki sabzi frequently at home. As the original recipe contains generous usage of ghee, the fitness-freak inside me twisted it a little bit to make it healthier. And whenever I eat the dumplings up with spoonful of rice or a roti- it reminds me the sands, the breeze and the heritage of Rajasthan.