Eat out in Bhubaneswar – Oriya food : There Never Seems To Be A Last Bite!

I always wished my life to be a never ending episode of a sizzling travelogue magazine. There was always an ever growing urge within me to accomplish my dream of adventure travel. Environmental engineering inculcated love for natural disciplines of the universe within me. With this passion I would proceed into various trekking and mountaineering expeditions. Complementing my hunger of conquest was my ardent desire of photography. Nature and its brilliance would always encounter my lens whenever I found them. One such memorable journey in my lifetime would be a travel to Orissa.

Precisely setting my footprint on Bhubaneswar I was excited as well as geared up to face the challenges offered by the hills in its vicinity. There was a feeling of Awe that struck me when I fulfilled my desires of mountain cycling amidst the nature’s fine expertise. There was another thing that always would always nimble in my dictionary of travel. Food it was as I was a “foodoholic” and craved for delicacies. Bhubaneswar never seemed to disappoint at all. Owing to the fact that they processed one of the biggest cuisines in the Puri district which fed ten thousand people every day. Rasogulla as sweet as the name is the delicacy and it is served best in this province. The best part about this desert is it melts in your mouth into sugary lava which endorses your taste buds as the sweet glides down your throat!

Apart from this the rice pudding called as Kheer served to be one of the major causes of me putting on some weight during the journey. The Orissa sweet cuisine Nayagarh made from sweets and cottage cheese was all time recorded in the hall of fame taste buds of mine and I just loved the dish. The flavors and spices designed to create every dish deserved none other than the tagline of perfection. Further as sweet as the food was the sweet service of hotels which lay right into my budget granting me a happy and satisfied food vacation!