A Rendezvous with Rajasthan- My Delightful Expedition from Lucknow to Jaipur

One of the few cons of student life is- travelling on a shoestring budget. When I decided to take a short break from the two passions of my life – studying Environment Engineering and hiking mountains; the word ‘Rajasthan’ kept flashing in my mind. To honor that, I promptly called up few of my travel-buddies at my place and laid out my plan.

The next step was, checking out various exciting Rajasthan tourism packages online and the most economic deal of book flight with hotel for Jaipur caught our attentions. As the time was limited, we decided to zero upon only Jaipur this time.

We agreed upon Garib Nawaj Express as to-go train because the tickets were cheaper. Two of my friends who always believe that the price of the train ticket is directly proportional to the experience of journey, were pleasantly surprised this time. The beauty of the landscapes out of the windows, the comfortable seats and our jolly fellow travelers made it one helluva of an experience.

Garib Nawaj Express

Garib Nawaj Express | Image Resource: flickr.com

Jaipur- The Land of Maginificence:

This was the first time I visited Jaipur and it was truly love-at-first-sight. With its grandeur, opulence, color riots, mouth-watering food and attractive souvenir shops- Jaipur left us asking for more. I have always maintained that a heritage city must be explored through walking; and Jaipur again proved that my philosophy is so right.

In every nukes and corners of the city, you will get to see the nuggets of Rajputana history, Mughal architecture and unique lifestyle of people of this royal place. The timing was also right as the lovely wintry sun accompanied us everywhere and made us warm and cozy.

Whether it’s the awe-inducing City Palace or complex Jantar-Mantar; Jaipur reaffirms my belief that India has them all to become the number one tourist destination of the world.

It is said that the Jaipur is an auspicious city – both for its inhabitants and ones who visit it from outside. Hope this time, Jaipur has rubbed some of its good luck on me also. And even if it doesn’t, I shall always remember it with lots of fondness and happy memories.

Adventures trip at Morni hills

Do you admire the beauty and simplicity of nature? Are you crazy about trekking? If the answer is “Yes” to both these question then Morni hill is the perfect places for you. The village of Morni is the only hill station present in the state of Haryana. The hill was named after Queen Morni, who once ruled the region. It is also called Bhoj Jabial and is located in the Panchkula district. The hills extends from the Shivalik range at an altitude of 1,220 meters.

These hills have beautiful landscapes. Apart from sightseeing, Morni offers the visitors with opportunities such as trekking, rock climbing and various other adventurous activity. These hills are blessed with a lush green environment. It is one of the most peaceful and soulful location that I have visited. Therefore, one many find various unique species, which makes it a favourite amongst the bird watchers and wildlife lovers. This makes it an exotic location for the tourist.

Morni Hills

Morni Hills | Image Resource: xyj.in

If you admire wildlife then you can find birds like the Wall creeper, Black Francolin, Grey Francolin, Red Jungle fowl, Blue Peafowl, Quails, Crested Kingfisher, Bar-tailed Tree creeper, Kalij Pheasant, Himalayan Bulbul, and Oriental Turtle Dove. You can also find animals such as the Barking Deer (Kakad), Hyenas, Neelgai, Langur, Jackals, Hare, Sambar, Leopards, Wild Boar etc.

If you are in Morni apart from visiting the hill, you can also check out the old forts near the hills. These frosts are administered by the Haryana tourism. For the convenience of tourists, Haryana state government has created a hill resort. To make travelling easy for the visitors the government has connected Morni hill with Haryana state highway. To provide the tourist with comfortable stay rest houses like PWD rest house and Lal Munia were built.

If you are looking for a silent holiday in a scenic environment then Morni hills is perfect choice for you. It offers unadulterated environment with wide variety of tourist attractions filled with beautiful gardens, lakes, animals, birds and hills for rock climbing, trekking and mountaineering activities.

Travel thought of the week by Helen Keller

Travel Thought

Travel Thought

Being a student, I am always surrounded by books. However, my heart always runs behind adventure. Experiencing the gift of nature, by getting close to it via activities like mountain climbing and trekking makes me alive every moment. At the same moment, capturing those exciting moments helps me to relive them again and again.

Hundru Falls Ranchi – A Beautiful Location to Spend Good Amount of Time

The scenic landscape at the hill left an impression in our mind and that is bound to be in my memory for a long time. It was time to end our journey visiting the last destination and it was Hundru Falls Ranchi, which promised an exciting end to the amazing trip with its amazing scenic beauties and sights. The fall of the water is from a height of a little less than a 100m and the view was mesmerizing when one looks at the falls from the top to the ground.

The green forest was surrounding the falls on all the sides and the beautiful woods along with the falls made the place look exotic and unparalleled. The water was refreshing but chilly and flowing with an unusual force. The sparkling waterfalls in the sun looked stunning and beautiful. One can visit the falls throughout the year but the best time to visit is after the monsoon months from July to October. During this time the water level increases and the flow of the falls looks eye-catching.

Hundru Falls Ranchi

Hundru Falls Ranchi | Image Resource: jharkhanddarshan.com

I took many snaps and photographs over there and even did video photographing to show my family and friends. There were also some temporary food stalls and the food items looked mouthwatering and tasty. Being an avid foodie I can easily and confidently say that the local food items were simply delicious. I made many new friends over there and once we started talking there was no stopping us and as we shared our life history we decided to remain in touch through Facebook and through our blogs.

This tour was so memorable to us, even the travel booking was simple all thanks to travel app. It turned out to be one of the best travel tours I have taken as in any part of my journey and I have made new and trustworthy friends. We all along with our new friends took a shower at the shallow end of the bed of the falls and it was altogether a great experience. The rocks having beautiful shapes and views after getting eroded by the flowing water were also another plus point to watch out. With an amazing time at Hundru Falls Ranchi, our trip came to an end and it was undoubtedly a great one and we had the time of our lives there at Ranchi.

Tagore Hill Ranchi – Amazing Scenic Beauty at 300 Feet High Place

The serene surrounding of the temple relaxed my mind and I felt really good. I wanted to spend some more time there, but we have a few more places to visit and so decided to move on. The next destination, we could witness some scenic beauty and feel good and fresh and so the next planned stop was the Tagore Hill Ranchi. The place is not far but only at a small distance of 4 km from the north side of the Ranchi city.

It is so named because the Tagore family had bought the place because of the scenic beauty and the place is also popular because of the fact that Rabindranath Tagore scripted many of his beautiful literature scripts while sitting at that particular beautiful location. It is a popular and famous tourist destination as it is at a height of 300 feet and the view through the place seemed endless and also a place where both national and international travelers and tourists flock here in abundance which makes the place look beautiful and colorful.

Tagore Hill Ranchi

Tagore Hill Ranchi | Image Resource: jagran.com

The slopes of the hills are stony and the views are amazingly beautiful. I took amazing pictures of the splendid place, the exotic scenery and even the beautiful landscape. It is truly a marvelous place and the weather of that place is even calm and comfortable which makes the experience even more wonderful and pleasant. At such an elevation seeing the beautiful birds perching on the trees and flying in the sky is quite lovely.

The cold breeze seemed to be hugging me and the sunset was very beautiful to watch. Small shops selling different food items could be seen at the top of the hills. Being a foodie I had to eat the different snacks and cold drinks which were available. It was basically a private place but tourists are now allowed to stay a while and witness the natural beauty through their eyes atop the hill and be at a great serene and calm environment for a while with their family and friends. We all clicked many snaps with some of them involving one another and Tagore Hill Ranchi was a great place to be at and with this we decided to move onto our next phase of journey.

Destination of the week: Rajrappa Mandir Ranchi

Rajrappa Mandir Ranchi

Rajrappa Mandir Ranchi | Image Resource: yuplee.in

Rajrappa Mandir Ranchi: We went to visit Rajrappa mandir. This temple is dedicated to Prachanda Chandi also known as goddess Kali (Goddess of Time/Death and Change). This temple has a very unique design. We were quite amazed when we saw this temple. It is quite vibrant and colorful similar to a South Indian temple.

Pahari Mandir Ranchi – Breathtaking View with Serene Ambience

After the visit to the Birsa Zoological Park, we were anxious to see the Pahari Mandir Ranchi as my mother had specially asked me to visit that temple. The temple is open on all the days from 6.00 AM to 7.30 PM and hence, we reached the temple in the morning through our hired car. Situated on the top of the hill at 2140 feet altitude this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva or Shankara as he is called here.

This temple is at an easily accessible distance of only twelve kilometer from the nearby airport and just eight km from the nearby railway station. We had to climb many steps to reach the summit but it was worthwhile as the view at the top was eye catching and breathtaking. This Hindu Temple is one of the most visited religious site and is visited by the devotees in a huge number. This temple was very fascinating to look at and had the main shrines in the temple is the Shiva Lingam.

Pahari Mandir Entrance

Pahari Mandir Entrance | Image Resource: wikipedia.org

In the month of shravana, the numbers are uncountable as there is no unoccupied space left. We had to leave our shoes and camera outside as they were not allowed inside the temple premises.We had bought the items required for puja like milk, flowers and sandalwood paste from the shops which were situated outside. The Shiva Lingam was very mesmerizing and we held puja over there with the help of temple pandas.

The Pandas were very efficient and helpful as they guided us through every step and later gave us Prasad. I took many pictures from outside the temple as camera is not allowed inside the premises. While returning from the temple I bought some souvenir and gift items for my mother. This Hindu temple with a spiritual ambience is a must visit place in Ranchi as it fills the air with warmteh and laughter.

Pahari Mandir Ranchi

Pahari Mandir Ranchi | Image Resource: wikipedia.org

Pahari Mandir Ranchi has been a spiritual and divine experience and I was sure to treasure this visit for a long time. This was really a unique and historical temple. Though we were reluctant to leave the premises, the time factor could not be ignored as we had to still visit the Tagore Hill Ranchi.

Destination of the week: Sun Temple Ranchi

Sun Temple Ranchi

Sun Temple Ranchi | Image Resource: panoramio.com

Sun Temple Ranchi: Sun temple is located at Tata Road near Bundu. This temple is also known as “Surya Mandir”. It is one of the most popular destinations in Ranchi. I have heard a lot about this Sun temple. Therefore, we planned a trip to Sun temple during our Ranchi visit. This temple is worth visiting.

Birsa Zoological Park Ranchi – Making Animals Feel at Home in a Semi-Reserve Type Environment

Admittedly, it was a never-ending desire and that was what happened. Our mind once exposed was craving for more of nature and we voluntarily chose Birsa Zoological Park Ranchi to find quite a few more of wildlife. This place is at a distance of 20 km from the main city of Ranchi and usually people seek breaks and go on for massages in spa or do some recreational activity but my break means doing what I am passionate about that is spending time around wild animals and observing them. This time it was not in any National Park or Reserves but a semi reserve type.

Birsa Zoological Park Ranchi

Birsa Zoological Park Ranchi | Image Resource: jharenvis.nic.in

The zoo timings are basically from 9 in the morning to 4 in the evening. I came to know that it was a good zoo as they have animals kept by proper order that to in open enclosures. I have spent half of my life traveling that to in reserves and so I know the importance of animals being kept in open enclosures and I will also share with you people. When animals are kept in open enclosures, then they feel at home and it helps a lot in their breeding and maintenance of their place and most importantly the animals can be easily observed by the officials and workers making their study easier and preventing problems.

I was able to witness the two most dominant animals, which are the lion and the tiger roaming around with pride as if they were enjoying the celebrity like feeling when visitors looked at them. I promptly clicked their pictures to cherish such wonderful moments. I also saw gharial, sambar and barking deer, which are very rare to see nowadays. I was lucky enough to see monkeys doing an amazing dance inside their enclosure and witness wolves, which are rare and a treat to watch. Other than these, there were many other animals and birds, which were quite beautiful and I clicked many snaps of them.

Birsa Zoological Park Ranchi is a very good place to be at and they take proper care of the animals and make them feel like home and with this we move on to our next destination and keep having fun.

Destination of the week: Kanke Dam Ranchi

Kanke Dam Ranchi

Kanke Dam Ranchi | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

Kanke Dam Ranchi: We visited Kanke dam during our Ranchi trip. This beautiful dam is located at the foothill of Gonda Hills in Ranchi. It is a great place to visit with your friends and family. We had a great time at this lake. I would advise you to visit this place before dark.