Puri Rath Yatra Festival : Celebrate A Saga!

The human mind always in under a self discovery of its progressive acknowledgement. True is this fact for it is this very feeling that led me to explore my passion and love for travelling. My decision to pursue this passion changed the whole view point of my life. Despite having an avid passion for adventure travel which includes mountaineering and trekking agendas, I never would hesitate for a moment to take up any kind of journey. It so happened one fine summer when I decided to set my eyes on the pious land of Orissa especially its province of Puri; I encountered what divine grace actually is.

Puri Rath Yatra

Puri Rath Yatra | Image Resource : newindianexpress.com

The Puri Rath Yatra Festival which was commenced then was the topic of discussion for every mouth, body and soul in and around that place. It simply had to be for this carnival had the prayers and devotion of millions of devotees setting up a pilgrimage from different parts of the world to witness this marvel. I was astonished to see the deity filled with divine grace taken around the temple on a cart. This procession was more like a national festival for I could see around me people from all parts of India. The whole idea of trekking and mountaineering for a moment seemed uninteresting. I was on cloud nine to be a part of this vivid celebration.

Rath Yatra Festival

Rath Yatra Festival | Image Resource : fabuloussavers.com

Despite the peak rush and heavy inflow of devotees what surprised me to a considerable amount was the easy availability of budget accommodation. There was an amazing deal which I could fetch over my accommodation in a three star hotel near the temple. That’s not all my train fares were also circumscribed within the boundaries of a perfect budget. The heavy rush around the locality never seemed to bother me. Having age on my side, I could have a lot of moving around being in my mid-twenties. Apart from the pious temple activities the natural spots around the place caught my fantasy and I was on an endless spree of capturing golden moments on the frames of my camera!