Destination of the week: Sisodia Rani Garden Jaipur

Sisodia Rani Garden Jaipur

Sisodia Rani Garden Jaipur | Image Resource:

The garden featuring a palace at one end is really an amazing sight. With fountains, painted marquees, galleries, with rare arty-crafts, this place is filled with the highway passengers endlessly. It is amazingly taken care of. I was surprised to know this palace was the palace in Anil Kapoor’s classic magnum opus love story Lamhe. A notable fact to be proud of!

Albert Hall Museum – Protecting Bits & Pieces of Rajasthan for Eons

Whenever someone asks about my passions, I promptly tell them ‘Wildlife’, ‘Mountain cycling’, ‘Photography’, topped by my unfaltering love for ‘Environment Engineering’. But most of the times, I suppress my passion for visiting museums. In the past, I used to flaunt my love for museums quite unabashedly but then I saw people’s shocked expressions which screamed out ‘but how come a 20-something boy like you love museums? Museums are only for children, you see’!

So when, along with my travel buddies I was chalking out the itinerary of Jaipur trip; paying a visit to the famous Albert Hall Museum was a de facto choice. It also helped that I have got a bunch of like-minded travel companions.

Albert Hall Museum Jaipur

Albert Hall Museum Jaipur | Image Resource:

One fine morning around 9 am, we headed to this interesting piece of Indo-Saracenic (or Gothic) architecture. The magnificent building of Albert Hall Museum looked almost magical in the vivid sunrays. What struck foremost about Albert Hall Museum were the squeaky cleanliness and the neat maintenance visible in it as I had visited plenty of museums in various parts of India and most of the time; it broke my heart to see their dwindling conditions. It was nice to notice that with such meager entry fees (Rs.20 for Indians and Rs.150 for foreigners), the staff here made it possible to keep this museum running.

As always I had done homework beforehand about it and came to know that at least 1 hour is needed to visit this, though the museum remains open from 9am-5pm. I observed that majority of the fellow-visitors were appreciating most- the blue pottery, the miniature paintings and the arms and armors. But what caught my attention was the mummy from Egypt bought by one of the Maharajas of Jaipur.

Not only for its display items but Albert Museum is also famous for its rich history that shows the foundation stone was laid in honor of Kind Albert Edward, who visited the city of Jaipur in 1876. With its elegant pillars and archways, vast Indian as well as international collections- this museum seemed the right place to lose myself in history and I simply did that!

Destination of the week: Hotel Arch Inn Jaipur

Hotel Arch Inn Jaipur

Hotel Arch Inn Jaipur

Nothing is more enthralling like a semester end sneak out trek to the Pink city itself. Forgetting the irony of our results, my friends and I really loved our stay at this hotel. I was overjoyed that my K10 got a comfortable parking slot. The rooms were clean and the service seemed satisfying. The toothbrush and Razor service on request was very handy for freaks like us.

Destination of the week: Jal Mahal Jaipur

Jal Mahal Jaipur

Jal Mahal Jaipur | Image Resource:

Imagine yourself waking up one morning, being served with mint tea and rolls, you walk to the balcony and see nothing but the coy waters of a lake with lonely Flamingos bird- talking? That’s when you realize you’re holidaying at the Jal Mahal Jaipur. The very view of the hotel itself is a sight to steal at night. The two day stay at this Water Palace or Paradise is my best birthday gift ever.

Destination of the week: Jaigarh Fort Jaipur

Jaigarh Fort Jaipur

Jaigarh Fort Jaipur | Image Resource:

All I had to say after visiting this amazing piece of man- made self defense magnificence was, WOW! Seriously?? It really looked like an Indian version of The Great Wall Of China! My friends and I were thrilled to stride through the guarding stones of the fort while listening to its history shared by an old veteran. The Aerial view of the fort I traced later made me proudly say, ‘I’ve really been here!’

Adventures trip at Morni hills

Do you admire the beauty and simplicity of nature? Are you crazy about trekking? If the answer is “Yes” to both these question then Morni hill is the perfect places for you. The village of Morni is the only hill station present in the state of Haryana. The hill was named after Queen Morni, who once ruled the region. It is also called Bhoj Jabial and is located in the Panchkula district. The hills extends from the Shivalik range at an altitude of 1,220 meters.

These hills have beautiful landscapes. Apart from sightseeing, Morni offers the visitors with opportunities such as trekking, rock climbing and various other adventurous activity. These hills are blessed with a lush green environment. It is one of the most peaceful and soulful location that I have visited. Therefore, one many find various unique species, which makes it a favourite amongst the bird watchers and wildlife lovers. This makes it an exotic location for the tourist.

Morni Hills

Morni Hills | Image Resource:

If you admire wildlife then you can find birds like the Wall creeper, Black Francolin, Grey Francolin, Red Jungle fowl, Blue Peafowl, Quails, Crested Kingfisher, Bar-tailed Tree creeper, Kalij Pheasant, Himalayan Bulbul, and Oriental Turtle Dove. You can also find animals such as the Barking Deer (Kakad), Hyenas, Neelgai, Langur, Jackals, Hare, Sambar, Leopards, Wild Boar etc.

If you are in Morni apart from visiting the hill, you can also check out the old forts near the hills. These frosts are administered by the Haryana tourism. For the convenience of tourists, Haryana state government has created a hill resort. To make travelling easy for the visitors the government has connected Morni hill with Haryana state highway. To provide the tourist with comfortable stay rest houses like PWD rest house and Lal Munia were built.

If you are looking for a silent holiday in a scenic environment then Morni hills is perfect choice for you. It offers unadulterated environment with wide variety of tourist attractions filled with beautiful gardens, lakes, animals, birds and hills for rock climbing, trekking and mountaineering activities.

Hundru Falls Ranchi – A Beautiful Location to Spend Good Amount of Time

The scenic landscape at the hill left an impression in our mind and that is bound to be in my memory for a long time. It was time to end our journey visiting the last destination and it was Hundru Falls Ranchi, which promised an exciting end to the amazing trip with its amazing scenic beauties and sights. The fall of the water is from a height of a little less than a 100m and the view was mesmerizing when one looks at the falls from the top to the ground.

The green forest was surrounding the falls on all the sides and the beautiful woods along with the falls made the place look exotic and unparalleled. The water was refreshing but chilly and flowing with an unusual force. The sparkling waterfalls in the sun looked stunning and beautiful. One can visit the falls throughout the year but the best time to visit is after the monsoon months from July to October. During this time the water level increases and the flow of the falls looks eye-catching.

Hundru Falls Ranchi

Hundru Falls Ranchi | Image Resource:

I took many snaps and photographs over there and even did video photographing to show my family and friends. There were also some temporary food stalls and the food items looked mouthwatering and tasty. Being an avid foodie I can easily and confidently say that the local food items were simply delicious. I made many new friends over there and once we started talking there was no stopping us and as we shared our life history we decided to remain in touch through Facebook and through our blogs.

This tour was so memorable to us, even the travel booking was simple all thanks to travel app. It turned out to be one of the best travel tours I have taken as in any part of my journey and I have made new and trustworthy friends. We all along with our new friends took a shower at the shallow end of the bed of the falls and it was altogether a great experience. The rocks having beautiful shapes and views after getting eroded by the flowing water were also another plus point to watch out. With an amazing time at Hundru Falls Ranchi, our trip came to an end and it was undoubtedly a great one and we had the time of our lives there at Ranchi.