My Amazing Boating Experience at Yamuna River

Hello once again to all! It is a great pleasure seeing all of you back once again! Well, I mean I am back. Yes, this past weekend I was very much busy giving myself my own share of “adrenaline rush” as they call it.

As you have known, adventure tourism runs through me and I was extremely delighted having spent my last weekend in the lap of the Yamuna river. So it all began with a haywire discussion amongst us three besties — how we missed hopping up to the banks of Yamuna.

Boating on yamuna river

Boating on yamuna river I Image Resource :

Just then I suggested why not make an impromptu visit the then coming weekend and not only complete a much needed round of Darshan but also indulge in some adventurous activities.

As decided, we headed our way to the banks of Yamuna early Saturday morning — armed completely in kayaking gear! We carried our own kayaking helmets, vests, headgear and water shoes, as well as kayak accessories. As expected, the pilgrims were stunned upon seeing us dressed this way but we could not help not being noticed!

The stage was set — I mean the waters were stable; Yamuna was not very active that part of the day. We hired our personal canoe at the cost of Rs 40 per person and all three of us oared our way into the then silent Yamuna.

However, after a while, it appeared as though a storm has made up its mind to gush in. There were strong winds and our kayaking gear proved to be fruitful! While the other pilgrims started panicking, we kayaked our way through the river! An impromptu canoeing drill also followed.

No canoe but ours seemed to be present in the unstable waters and suddenly — out of nowhere, it started pouring as well! It seemed as though Mother Nature was waiting for us to be in there as she showered her bounties upon our canoe! Indeed the experience was next to splendid and by the time we were out from our boat, we all had been drenched from head to toe.

Soon we spotted a safe place to strap the canoe at the riverfront and carefully walked out of it. It was obviously a mixed bag of feelings for all of us as along with feeling happy and satisfied, we were thankful that we survived it all! Looking forward for more such day outs in the near future with my two bestest friends! Till then, adios!