Kanch Mandir Indore – Beauty at its Best

From the Nehru Park, we travelled to our final destination during that tour. It was the Kanch Mandir Indore, which was quite famous for its designs. It was constructed way back in the year 1903. The temple was dedicated to the followers of Jainism. It was completely different from the other temples that I had visited till that day. The temple was built by Seth Hukumchand Jain and he was one of the legendary traders. He led the way to the construction of Kanch ka Mandir. The entire mansion along with the balcony was made of white stone. The interiors of the temple were completely covered by glass and mosaics. There were floors, columns and ceilings that were all designed. We learnt that the first owner of the mandir had hired craftsmen from Jaipur and Iran as well. The ornaments that were used to replicate that of old Jain styles and different innovations were made of glass.

In the main temple, where the idol was placed, the surroundings were covered with mirrors on all sides and they showed images of the same object infinite times. Since photography was completely prohibited inside the campus, we could not capture any of the designs and structures. The temple served as the main center for the Jains. We learnt that any kind of procession led by the followers of Jainism began and ended in the temple. There were many rituals that were followed by the devotees in the temple and they celebrated the different kinds of festivals with great enthusiasm.

A local resident informed me that many special festivals were also organized in the Kanch Mandir Indore, especially during Dashami, Sugandhs and Rath Yatra. The Idols were taken on golden Palkhis from one place to another and it was hailed as the main festival of that temple. After exploring different parts of the temple, we were extremely tired. All of us were really sad that the trip had come to an end finally. However, we were happy that we could take the amazing experience of visiting various spots in the beautiful city of Indore along with us.

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