Train Travel From Delhi to Patna by Mahananda Express – My Escapade

The color green did entice me as a kid, now I know why. I, Indrajit Gahlot, hailing from Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow have only one dream. I want to be an environment specialist and a MS degree from USA will help me realize all of it. But there is still time for all of that, and currently I am garnering all the experience from my nature and wild life treks and trips where I feel I am truly free. One such trip is my trip to Patna and what better way to enjoy every bit than train travel from Delhi to Patna by Mahananda Express.

Mahananda Express

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I plan my trips meticulously but I pack for them in a jiffy. An early morning alarm woke me while it was still dark outside. After all it was December and it was very chilly in Delhi but all my actions were swift and purposeful. My heart somersaulted like a kid. The ride to the station was uneventful and I reached well in time to board the train at 6:40 am. Being a student and even after working two jobs part-time, my pocket did not allow me exorbitant tickets so I had made a third class reservation for 600 rupees.

I boarded the train and settled down. The seat in front of me was taken up by an older gentleman. His entire family seemed to be with him, loud and gregarious. My plans on catching up on any sleep crashed because the kids kept crying to seek attention. Instead, I focused my attention to the passing landscape as the train sped. Hours passed, I may have fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes next, it was noon already and I took out my packed lunchbox. I recognized some junctions where the train halted but I had no need to step out. Then next stop was Danapur and then the Patna junction where I prepared to exit the train. The train travel from Delhi to Patna by Mahananda Express wrapped up and I headed to the hotel Nesh Inn Patna, where I had my accommodation reservations.