Ganga River Varanasi : An Unforgettable Ride In Gushing Holy River!

My passion is photography and I love to travel with friend on a budget travel and our main motive is always to get into adventure tourism. This time I wanted to visit Varanasi, the holy city in India. I loved train travel and also like to stay in budget hotels and enjoy local food. I reached Varanasi and my first place of visit in Ganges. The Ganga flows through the city of Varanasi. I first wandered along the banks of Ganga. I, as usual had taken my camera along. During the stroll I could witness many interesting scenes and activities involving pilgrims. Though I took a lot of photographs, I felt that the view from the river would be more wonderful.  I hired a boat for a ride.

Banks of Ganga

Bank of Ganga | Image Resource :

It was sunset and the sun slowly descended and disappeared into the Ganges – treat to a photographer. I clicked countless photos.  The banks were crowded with people as the boat slowly moved towards Dasaswamedh Ghats. People waited for the Aarthi to begin with tiny lamps in their hands. At seven the Aarthi began with the sound of conch indicating the beginning. The place was instantly lit with lamps glittering along the Ghats.  A group of pundits performed the ritual amidst singing and sound of bells. People lighted their little lamps and floated them in the Ganga as a tribute.  After the sun had set and darkness had engulfed the lamps on the bank and the ones floating in the river were a treat to watch and click.

Dasaswamedh Ghat

Dasaswamedh Ghat | Image Resource :

After this scintillating experience, I decided not to miss the sunrise. I left my hotel room early at 4.30a.m and walked to the banks inhaling the fresh morning air. Surprisingly, the place was already busy. I again took a boat. The bright orange Sun slowly came out of the Ganges and moved up into the sky. My heart and soul was filled with contentment and I walked through the river to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva!