Destination of the Week : Visakha Museum Visakhapatnam

Visakha Museum Visakhapatnam

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Description : Get to know the vast and vibrant history of the harbor city of Vizag from the life- size portraits and vintage war collection of guns, armor sets, steel bows and swords displayed in this museum. It was a life safer for me while I was baby- sitting my little niece. She loved the place and stood before the instructions board to apply all the phonetics she knew to read them. The museum is worth more advertisement and popularity.

Destination of the Week : Ramachandra Ridge Hotel Visakhapatnam

Ramachandra Ridge Hotel Visakhapatnam

Ramachandra Ridge Hotel Visakhapatnam

Our rooms were spacious and the food was really good. The wifi was more than lavish to work with. Car parking facilities and the location is very ideal to visit the tourist spots during daylight and get dressed for dazzling parties in the bar at night. We were well treated and the service seemed excellent.