Destination of the week : Sunrise at Puri Beach

Sunrise at Puri Beach

Sunrise at Puri Beach | Image Resource :

Sunrise at Puri Beach : Puri has a long beautiful beach but it can get crowded with tourists. Best time to visit is in the mornings when it is quiet and the sun shines on the golden sand. You can enjoy surfing on the waves at this beach.

Puri Rath Yatra Festival : Celebrate A Saga!

The human mind always in under a self discovery of its progressive acknowledgement. True is this fact for it is this very feeling that led me to explore my passion and love for travelling. My decision to pursue this passion changed the whole view point of my life. Despite having an avid passion for adventure travel which includes mountaineering and trekking agendas, I never would hesitate for a moment to take up any kind of journey. It so happened one fine summer when I decided to set my eyes on the pious land of Orissa especially its province of Puri; I encountered what divine grace actually is.

Puri Rath Yatra

Puri Rath Yatra | Image Resource :

The Puri Rath Yatra Festival which was commenced then was the topic of discussion for every mouth, body and soul in and around that place. It simply had to be for this carnival had the prayers and devotion of millions of devotees setting up a pilgrimage from different parts of the world to witness this marvel. I was astonished to see the deity filled with divine grace taken around the temple on a cart. This procession was more like a national festival for I could see around me people from all parts of India. The whole idea of trekking and mountaineering for a moment seemed uninteresting. I was on cloud nine to be a part of this vivid celebration.

Rath Yatra Festival

Rath Yatra Festival | Image Resource :

Despite the peak rush and heavy inflow of devotees what surprised me to a considerable amount was the easy availability of budget accommodation. There was an amazing deal which I could fetch over my accommodation in a three star hotel near the temple. That’s not all my train fares were also circumscribed within the boundaries of a perfect budget. The heavy rush around the locality never seemed to bother me. Having age on my side, I could have a lot of moving around being in my mid-twenties. Apart from the pious temple activities the natural spots around the place caught my fantasy and I was on an endless spree of capturing golden moments on the frames of my camera!

Hotels In Puri : Pilgrimage Made Easy!

Hotels In Puri

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Capturing one’s fantasy is practically impossible for they say dreams are the ones that can never be caged. I can be one of the special few who frame their dreams; indeed my passion for photography with my interest in nature keeps me occupied almost all throughout the year. There can be a lot of self-explanatory ideas that one can draw from environmental engineering but to a lad of twenty four all it means to be was to get into the depths of travel and natural excellence. I was mesmerized with the experiences I had when I visited Orissa, Puri in particular left its imprints right on my heart. All credit to the amazing journey I had go to the Hotels in Puri.

I was enthralled by the sincere dedication of the numerous devotees who visit the holy shrine of Puri Jagannath every year. Whole of Orissa if put together also wouldn’t come near close to the grace and vibrant environment of this city. My visit was during a temple festival and needless to say there was a surplus inflow of tourist and devotees. I was surprised by the excellent services offered by the hotels here.

Puri Jagannath

Puri Jagannath | Image Resource :

All the facilities right from accommodation, sightseeing and other added services came well within the budget that I had planned for. Despite my stay extending to an extra day in the hotel I booked I was comfortably able to manage the extra pay without a hitch in my pocket. One thing that surprised me was the added service offered by the hotel extending its services to railway reservation. This was also done economically and I was able to fetch the best train fares.

Orissa Food

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I was wholeheartedly satisfied by the excellent function I witnessed in the temple. Another major factor that made me extend my stay was the tremendous food served here. For a minute the words like diet and limit slipped out of my mind. I just attacked the food on the plates, in the bowls and also the deserts served traditionally in the mud pots. This amazing experience of mine was made even more special because of the reliable and extremely brilliant Hotels in Puri.

Destination of the week : Chilka Lake Puri

Chilka Lake Puri

Chilka Lake Puri | Image Resource :

Chilka Lake Puri : My first trip to Odisha and Chilka Lake was a must see on my list. It is supposed to be the largest coastal salt water lagoon in India and the second largest in the world.Here you will find plenty of birds especially during the migration season and also reptiles. Supposedly the lake also hosts the endangered Irrawaddy dolphins but we couldn’t spot any on our trip.

Eat out in Bhubaneswar – Oriya food : There Never Seems To Be A Last Bite!

I always wished my life to be a never ending episode of a sizzling travelogue magazine. There was always an ever growing urge within me to accomplish my dream of adventure travel. Environmental engineering inculcated love for natural disciplines of the universe within me. With this passion I would proceed into various trekking and mountaineering expeditions. Complementing my hunger of conquest was my ardent desire of photography. Nature and its brilliance would always encounter my lens whenever I found them. One such memorable journey in my lifetime would be a travel to Orissa.

Precisely setting my footprint on Bhubaneswar I was excited as well as geared up to face the challenges offered by the hills in its vicinity. There was a feeling of Awe that struck me when I fulfilled my desires of mountain cycling amidst the nature’s fine expertise. There was another thing that always would always nimble in my dictionary of travel. Food it was as I was a “foodoholic” and craved for delicacies. Bhubaneswar never seemed to disappoint at all. Owing to the fact that they processed one of the biggest cuisines in the Puri district which fed ten thousand people every day. Rasogulla as sweet as the name is the delicacy and it is served best in this province. The best part about this desert is it melts in your mouth into sugary lava which endorses your taste buds as the sweet glides down your throat!

Apart from this the rice pudding called as Kheer served to be one of the major causes of me putting on some weight during the journey. The Orissa sweet cuisine Nayagarh made from sweets and cottage cheese was all time recorded in the hall of fame taste buds of mine and I just loved the dish. The flavors and spices designed to create every dish deserved none other than the tagline of perfection. Further as sweet as the food was the sweet service of hotels which lay right into my budget granting me a happy and satisfied food vacation!

Dhauli Giri Bhubaneswar : Hills Of Hope!

The sound of my automobile and chunking of trains have always been a special feeling, as special as my own heartbeat! There is nothing in this world that I can compare to the ravishing magic of these. Indeed travelling had found a soft cozy spot in the chambers of my heart and there wasn’t a small excuse that could stop me from pursuing this crazy passion of mine. My interest wasn’t restricted to just travelling but I would always look for an area of adventure in it. Adventure travel which includes trekking expeditions and mountain cycling has always caught my eye candy.

Mountain Cycling

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My passion drifted me to the eastern part of India where I encountered the majestic city of Bhubaneswar. Immediately as I had eyes fixed on this city my thoughts dazzled around my scope of encountering the giant hills of Dhauli Giri. My passion for mountaineering had led me to explore the various summits across the nation. This hill was a paradise for amateur rock climbers. There is an adequate provision to test one’s skill of mountain cycling as well in this province. I was inspired by the cravings and stone inscriptions around the temple on the hill. The depictions of the kalinga war and great king Asoka’s grandeur were instilled inside rocks which bore massive tradition.My journey to this pious mountain which also had a statue of Buddha placed creatively keeping in mind architectural sciences. Further the expedition from the foot of the hills to the pinnacle gave me numerous memories to cherish my existence upon.

There was a constant cause of worry in mind when I initially thought about this journey. All my concerns were concentrated around obtaining quality services with affordable rates. I could say thanks to the great fare concession I cracked on my train journey to Bhubaneswar. The hotel accommodation served to be a decorated offer of affordability dressed on the creative plate of hospitality. Despite the less rate there was no less quality regarding food and room service. Hunger was always kept at bay for the cuisine served thrilling varieties of vegetarian and non vegetarian delicacies!

Bindu Sarovara Bhubaneswar : Divinity and Prestige!

It is often said that travel is the best medicine. Indeed true is this fact for I have spent most of my leisure time travelling and seeking answers to the role calls of my life through this process. This amazing experience so called travel has imbibed in my most ardent and passionate hobby and an amazing companion to be with. Among the several journeys undertaken by me on road and by rain, the most exhilarating experience would be to reach out to the lands of Orissa. Bhubaneswar the capital city has always been special for me owing to the awesome times I have spent on the hills around this city trekking and mountaineering.

Bindu Sarovara

Bindu Sarovara | Image Source :

One of the cherries on the pie of tourism offered by Bhubaneswar would undoubtedly be the Bindu Sarovara Bhubaneswar. A place filled with the virtue of tradition and sacred rituals, this place has got tremendous historical and cultural importance. I was stunned by the awe that struck from the vibrant atmosphere generated around the vicinity of this sacred pool. The legacies that state the composition of this pool to be from all the major rivers of India at least by drop contribution kept me spell bound. I had never witnessed any water body with such a deep cultural backdrop. Upon asking the guide around the place I came to know that the pool was created by the almighty Lord Shiva for his wife Goddess Parvati when she wanted to quench her thirst.

My luck I had planned this trip during the sacred Ashokastami festival when the whole lake came to life and started to celebrate around several devotees. The whole scenario around me seemed like a saga of sheer brilliance with beauty dripping from the skies to grace this auspicious occasion.

Ashokastami Festival

Ashokastami Festival | Image Source :

Despite arriving on such an important fixture the best part of the trip was I was able to fetch unimaginably low fares on my train ticket. The hotel accommodation also squeezed comfortably within my budget and I entered the journey with smiles. There wasn’t a single instance when I could complain be it food or hospitality there was grade one service offered all round.

Destination of the week : Nandankanan Zoological Park Bhubneswar

Nandankanan Zoological Park Bhubneswar

Nandankanan Zoological Park Bhubneswar | Image Resource :

Nandankanan Zoological Park Bhubneswar :  We visited the Nandankanan zoological park and botanical garden at Bhubaneswar. Some portions of the park have been declared a sanctuary. The zoo is famous for its white tigers, Asiatic lion and many other species of animals and birds. There is also an aquarium and an orchid house here.

Nainital Hotels : Your Comfort Is Our Motive!

We follow where our passion takes us, where we find solace with our dreams and where we feel our mind body and soul are at equilibrium. It is the high mountains, rocky hills and beautiful scenic spots that have always guided my dreams. An environmental engineer by profession my areas of imagination have always blended in and around natural beauties on earth. On account of keeping my passion alive every time I get a chance I would indulge in tour and travel. Among the finest of my experiences would be a journey to the Lake District of India. Indeed Nainital was like a home away from home for a mountaineer like me and above all what made the whole journey extravagant were the amazing services offered by the Nainital Hotels.

My mind was weaving lot of plans right from the idea of traveling. All I could possibly dream of from a perfect vacation was brought at my footsteps by the brilliant services offered by the hotels in this place. With various choices for tourists to choose from, the rates varied discretely to offer different class of services for the inmates here. There were hotels which mounted sheer luxury like the Naini Resort, Hotel Paradise and the Hotel Vikram Vintage Inn. Budget hotels found a lot of space too in this vacation paradise.

Hotel Paradise Naintal

Hotel Paradise | Image Source :

I had planned this trip well in advance hence I had an accommodation arranged in budget. The train fare also seemed very appealing and over all it was a holiday for me planned with bonus entertainment but discounted rate. Some services which created kingly feeling inside me would undoubtedly be the Spa and Massage centers’. These places were dedicated with professionals who transformed my stay into a soothing melancholy.

Nainital Hotels where I stayed made me stay more comfortable by arranging a sight-seeing trip on my perusal. This package covered all places in the city and I could fill my memory card with exotic pictures. Camping near the cool lakes was one of the best things I loved to do with some spicy barbeque food!