Destination of the week – Nilagiri Hills Orissa

Nilagiri Hills Orissa

Nilagiri Hills Orissa | Image Resource :

About Nilagiri Hills Orissa : If you are looking for adventure in Odisha then you have to do the Nilgiri Hills trek in Kuldiha jungle. The flora and fauna and wildlife here is wonderful and the mountains are simply stunning. This is a great place for a day trip and the views from the top are spectacular.

Odisha State Museum: Preserving Legacy!

The urge to explore new lands and renew my expeditions had led me into an adventure conquest to Bhubaneswar. Travel had always been the vitamin in my life. Orissa had always been on my mind catalogue of travel and tour. I had heard lot of stories about the rich flora and fauna coupled with potentially rich culture and tradition that was spread evenly on this magical place. Being an environmental engineer the nature and state of art always caught my fascination. My ardent desire to observe legacy led me to an exciting encounter with the Odisha state museum.

Every sub-division of the museum found my interests glued to it, be it Archeology, Mining Armory and Natural History. The fossil collections from various land masses of soil coined together resembling rich geological importance grabbed my attention immediately. My thoughts revolved around the globule of delight on seeing various tools and equipments used by mountain climbers and other trekking devices in the museum. For a minute the whole world around me seemed still when I discovered the facts and secrets behind adventure sporting drawing its roots from various factors displayed within the majestic walls of this museum.

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There was a shower of luck on my side when I decided to visit Bhubaneswar. This fact was well backed up by various factors that came into play right from my decision to travel to my arrival back to U.P. My age which was placed in the twenties rooted me into adventure travel. I cracked the best deal on my train fares and believe me the journey carried me to places. I was mystically rejoicing in the vicinity of the splendid beauty around the travel. I just could not put my camera down and my photography instincts just got re-flexed a bit.

A budget fare on the accommodation was one of the major factors that gave me a peaceful stay back in Bhubaneswar. Believe me I was on cloud nine after managing to obtain one of the most affordable deals. Yummy food which was relishing from bite number one to the last bite served to be another important factor to queue in my interest!

Nandankanan Zoological Park Bhubaneswar : Witness Wildlife At Its Best!

Flora and fauna have always been my basic uncompromised priorities whenever I was to plan a vacation. Of all the places I visited special memories of adventure journeys always stuck like glue to the album of my dreams. I may not be a Picasso but I sure have painted a picture of memories that l0ed to my self discovery. One such occasion when I discovered my true self during a vacation was when I visited the Nandankanan Zoological Park in Bhubaneswar. I was always extremely enthusiastic and so was my age to be as I was just in my mid twenties and I wanted to explore the worldly adventures.

Nandankanan Zoological Park in Bhubaneswar

Nandankanan Zoological Park in Bhubaneswar | Image Resource :

My scope of fascination was well caught by the impeccable nature and its creations. I would spend hours with my camera capturing the ravishing beauty of nature. This national park gave me the right opportunity to witness the perfect balanced harmony between flora and fauna. I witnessed how the coexistence comes into picture from a brighter prospective. The rich variety of flowers and trees well maintained in the state botanical garden attracted my camera lenses and kept them engaged for quite a while. There was an ambience of homely satisfaction upon reaching to this place. My general knowledge had only read and heard about the rich wildlife potential of India. It was only now that I witnessed something as brilliant as this. I felt I was tuned on to the national geographic with an ultra 3d glass.

The whole journey to the park and sightseeing around the wide range of flora and fauna seemed like a roller coaster ride. My senses were almost knocked on witnessing huge elephants up close, not to forget to mention the scintillating sight of zebra’s that went past by from time to time.

The whole trip of mine was well decorated within the budget. Early booking fetched me the best deals in train travel and also accommodation. There was indeed reluctant body and a satisfied mind that stopped me from leaving Bhubaneswar.

Destination of the week – Ambedkar Park Lucknow

Ambedkar Park Lucknow

Ambedkar Park Lucknow | Image Resource :

About Ambedkar Park : Ambedkar Park is a memorial dedicated to those who fought for social justice. There are many statues here and Ambedkar stupa is the main area of the park. There are some nice restaurants near by where you can savor the local cuisine.

Best Time To Visit Bhubaneswar : Plan Right Enjoy Maximum!

I have always believed travelling to be the medicine for any sort of distress or ailment. When travelling to a desired location a person tends to rediscover himself. Many times journeys have brought in me great happiness and good qualities. The interest in photography in me was the outcome of all the adventure travel trips I used to arrange from time. I have always remembered and considered my visit to Bhubaneswar as the best and most enthralling journey’s undertaken by me.

Bhubneshwar City at Night

Bhubneshwar City at Night | Image Resource :

Mountaineering and trekking have always been the starters for me when it comes to planning the meal of my vacation. Without these two factors my adventure travel never commences. Bhubaneswar according to me is the perfect place to communicate with natural grace. This place boasts of unimaginable grace and extremely amazing display of flora and fauna. There wasn’t a minute when I was without my camera. With regard to my experience the best time to visit this place would be depending on how a person’s mind set is. For people who want to get drenched in rain enjoy the showers of universe and experience the smell of fresh lands with greenery, I would recommend to visit this place between July and September.

I had a few rough experiences doing mountain cycling in the rain. I would always prefer the spring season between March and May to visit this city when nature is at its peak of creating brilliance. Further I noticed the delicacies served in the hotels here depend on the weather. Believe me all of it is delicious if I was the master of my social responsibilities I would take a year off and spend it in this beautiful place.

Despite spending a considerably long vacation in this province there wasn’t a big hole in my wallet. All the services offered fall well within the budget of how we plan. There have also been cheap train tickets that can be booked to reach this place. I couldn’t have asked for more after coming here!

Travel Plans For Bhubaneswar With Friends : Get Set And Go!

What is life if it doesn’t come with a dosage of excitement and thrill! My craze for travel and expedition has created a unique place for itself in my life. This has generated an entirely new human being who lies within the mask of an upcoming Environmental Engineer. With a mind set to pursue laurels abroad I planned a trip to Bhubaneswar with my friends to explore the boutique of Indian mainland. Being guys in the energetic mid twenties there was nothing that could ruin our plans be it the weather or husky conveyance, we were all set to ride on our dreams.


Bhubaneswar | Image Resource :

Stationed at the Uttar Pradesh we had indulged in trekking and mountaineering expeditions to several places in the northern region of India. To seek change I planned this trip to discover eastern India. Orissa the land of amazing cultural heritage and tradition had caught my fascination and it wasn’t long I was on route to quench my thirst. We had properly planned our trip and were able to fetch best deals on accommodation and sightseeing services offered. The train journey gave me ample memories to carry along, my passion in photography kept me hugging my camera all through the journey for the glimpses offered during the journey were indeed a treat to one’s eyes.

Mukteshwar temple Orissa

Mukteshwar Temple Orissa | Image Resource :

There were just three main agenda’s we guys had. Every day we would start around with nature’s explicit exploration. This was indeed amazing for the city on its outskirts has several hills and trekking was something that caught up my fascination. Cycling on the mountains has always been my dream and I finally got a chance to do the same on this journey. Following the tiring tasks we would retire into a camp near the mountains and dictate terms of solace with nature. When right time arrived we guys would just wait to pounce over the ravishing and relishing culinary delicacies which were famous nationwide. From my experience of travel to different places I felt this was one of the most special and undoubtedly the best adventure expedition I ever experienced!