Inspirational Thought of the Week – Albert Einstein

Inspirational Thought

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Description : As a student, I have often experienced setbacks in academics and other areas like sports. However, this statement by Albert Einstein has kept me moving forward instead of cribbing over what was lost during my student life. It helped me be positive and learn from the setbacks and do better the next time around.

Inspirational Quote of the Week – Lao-Tzu

Inspirational Quote

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Description : It’s a great Quote with a wealth of meaning. This Chinese scholar has aptly said that great success stories all start with the initial effort of a human being which may be a little strenuous. But that one single step in the right direction can lead to a journey of happiness that will last for a great time and will cover a distance of thousand miles!

Travel thought of the week by Helen Keller

Travel Thought

Travel Thought

Being a student, I am always surrounded by books. However, my heart always runs behind adventure. Experiencing the gift of nature, by getting close to it via activities like mountain climbing and trekking makes me alive every moment. At the same moment, capturing those exciting moments helps me to relive them again and again.

Travel Thought Of The Week – Nikos Kazantzakis

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Description : Nikos is so very right. I have been able to enjoy my travels because I almost felt at home, in my own country wherever I went. That is a distinct feeling. Do you all feel the same? Does travelling engross you just as much?

Motivational Thought Of The Day – WINSTON CHURCHILL

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Description : I have always been a great fan of travelling there are times when you fail to adjust with the given set of conditions. That is when I have realised that Winston Churchill was right in saying that only few have the ability to withstand failure and move ahead. I would have never been able to travel so many places if I had given up hope when I failed.