Music Paradise Hall Varanasi : Music Casts A Mystical Spell In This Paradise!

Life is beautiful I thought to myself. Growing up in lovely Lucknow, making good friends who are talented and have a fondness for adventure tourism, I felt happy.  I am a dashing young 24 year old, who is a nature lover and takes delight in travelling with friends on rugged terrain and appreciate wildlife. As students we travel on a limited budget, choose train travel to go on short trips around North India. A male friend of mine was keen on enrolling himself in a music academy to learn to play the violin. In his quest, he found a place in Varanasi and planned to pursue a course in summer.

We enquired about budget hotels in and around Varanasi and we booked one close to the railway station.  We hopped on and off the train to Varanasi, only to be greeted by vendors selling thandai and snow cone wala’s were attracting visitors. Reaching our hotel by foot, we freshened up and went in search of Music Paradise Hall. As we walked into the hall, a serene and calm atmosphere was felt. We met the manager whose name is Bablu. He was very courteous and helped us find the best teacher for my friend who was desirous of learning the violin. The place has a collection of different musical instruments like flutes, sitars, violins, drums etc.  The place resounds with melodious music and makes you fall in love with music.  We are told that every evening in this hall, a music concert with dance and vocals is organised.

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Someone said, “Mountains are calling and I must go.” People like us who love the outdoors, treks, mountain climbing, cycling over the mountains must take the trip. Mirzapur is the neighbouring district of Varanasi and it has some beautiful scenic locales. Small tribal settlements are found in these hills. We planned to camp there and cook our own food on the hill. Trekking over the little mountain, we had to slide and twist our bodies through the boulders. Fresh water from the waterfalls is pure and sweet to taste. Nature’s bounty! I took loads of photographs of nature in its beauty and with friends for memory. Reaching our destination, we chose a cup of tea over cool drinks.  At night we cooked up a simple meal, put up our camping tent and were fast asleep.