Odisha State Museum: Preserving Legacy!

The urge to explore new lands and renew my expeditions had led me into an adventure conquest to Bhubaneswar. Travel had always been the vitamin in my life. Orissa had always been on my mind catalogue of travel and tour. I had heard lot of stories about the rich flora and fauna coupled with potentially rich culture and tradition that was spread evenly on this magical place. Being an environmental engineer the nature and state of art always caught my fascination. My ardent desire to observe legacy led me to an exciting encounter with the Odisha state museum.

Every sub-division of the museum found my interests glued to it, be it Archeology, Mining Armory and Natural History. The fossil collections from various land masses of soil coined together resembling rich geological importance grabbed my attention immediately. My thoughts revolved around the globule of delight on seeing various tools and equipments used by mountain climbers and other trekking devices in the museum. For a minute the whole world around me seemed still when I discovered the facts and secrets behind adventure sporting drawing its roots from various factors displayed within the majestic walls of this museum.

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There was a shower of luck on my side when I decided to visit Bhubaneswar. This fact was well backed up by various factors that came into play right from my decision to travel to my arrival back to U.P. My age which was placed in the twenties rooted me into adventure travel. I cracked the best deal on my train fares and believe me the journey carried me to places. I was mystically rejoicing in the vicinity of the splendid beauty around the travel. I just could not put my camera down and my photography instincts just got re-flexed a bit.

A budget fare on the accommodation was one of the major factors that gave me a peaceful stay back in Bhubaneswar. Believe me I was on cloud nine after managing to obtain one of the most affordable deals. Yummy food which was relishing from bite number one to the last bite served to be another important factor to queue in my interest!