Republic Day Wishes

Republic Day

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Description : Republic Day always reminds me of the events which used to happen back in school. The flag hoisting and the national anthem have given me so many memories and a feeling of nostalgia. Young kids singing and dancing with hearts filled with patriotism still makes me smile and make me want to go back to school life.

Delicious Food of the Week : Wadeshwar Puran Poli Pune

Wadeshwar Puran Poli Pune

Wadeshwar Puran Poli Pune | Image Resource :

Wadeshwar Puran Poli Pune : Puran Poli is a dish which originated in Maharashtra. It is a flat – bread which is filled with sweet lentils cooked in jaggery and water. Sometimes spices like cinnamon, cardamom and coconut are added for extra flavoring. The Wadeshwar hotel in Pune serves a delicious version of this dish to the visitors.