Kashi Viswanath Temple Varanasi : Soul Cleansing Experience!

I don’t know what made me to visit Varanasi and I strongly feel it is a divine force which made me to plan a budget travel and to lodge in budget hotels to spend the entire vacation in Varanasi. For a person seeking adventure and expeditions, the visit to the temple seeking the blessing of Lord Viswanath was a different feeling. Situated in the banks of the Ganga in a narrow lane known as Viswanath lane, the walk to the temple from my hotel through the numerous lanes and gulley of kashi was like going on a treasure hunt. On reaching the temple I realized why millions from all over the world thronged the temple, seeking benediction, spiritual peace, liberation from bondages of maya inexorable bindings of worldly life. This can be only felt on entering the temple and cannot be put in words.

Lord Viswanath

Lord Viswanath | Image Resource : blogspot.com

The origin of the temple dates back to the epics of Ramayana & Mahabharata.  However, the original record about the builder of the temple is in 490AD. This temple has a deep rooted history which boasts of the greatness of Lord Shiva and the devotees who followed him. Though, my interest lies in adventure tourism like mountain climbing, trekking and camping, this place brought the spiritual person in me and I indeed enjoyed this different experience altogether. The view of the domes was a treat to my camera lens and every pillar kindled the photography hunger in me.

The temple housing Lord Vishveswara-ruler of Universe consists of a Mandapa and sanctum besides subsidiary shrines. It was a divine experience to get a glimpse of Lord Jyothirlinga set on a royal silver altar.  I had the blissful experience of performing abishek with the holy water from Ganga. On the southern entrance are the temples of Lord Vishnu, Virupaksha Gauri and Avimukthi Vinayaka in a row. The Nelakanta temple has five lingas and another linga is in the Avimuktheshvara temple in the right of the temple. The temple, one of the Sakthi Peetams, has the shrines of Goddesses Annapoorani and Vishalakshi. This trip was a truly divine experience to say the least!

Lord Jyothirlinga

Lord Jyothirlinga | Image Resource : neelkanthmahadev.blogspot.in