Train travel from Allahabad to Raipur by Sarnath Express – An awesome journey!

I enjoy traveling especially within the country to explore and understand more about the wonderful cities and its history. Usually, I plan tours along with my college pals and prefer short trips. I am a voracious reader who is fascinated by the places of historical importance. I never forget to capture glimpses of the places, the collection of which have piled up to a huge one. I feel nostalgic when I sit and look over the pictures that were clicked and it is amazing that every picture has a story to tell.

Sarnath Express

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Exams are just done and I had a week to relax. As usual, a journey was preplanned. Two of my friends were accompanying me. The thought of the journey itself was thrilling. I was traveling to Raipur by Sarnath Express. I had my tickets reserved in advance and the day has come, bags were packed and the three musketeers were off for an interesting journey. The train was scheduled to arrive at the Allahabad Junction at 3:15 pm. We hired an auto rickshaw and began the journey around 2 pm. Though it is a half an hour journey to the railway station, we started a little too early to avoid any last minute confusions.

We arrived at the station and the firstly checked the display board, which indicated the arrival of the train and the platform it would arrive on. The train was to arrive on time on platform 4; the three of us picked up our bags and found our way through the large crowds waiting for their trains. We kept our ears sharp to hear the announcement of the trains while sipping in some had some fresh juice. Though the train has a halting time of 25 minutes at the station, people were rushing in to find their assigned seats.

We were holding a 2AC ticket and we boarded the train and found our respective places. Everyone was busy arranging their baggage so that the journey through is comfortable. I enjoy rail journeys and I feel it is the best way to explore beauty of the country. We arrived Raipur at 6.10 am after a 14-hour journey. Now all the excitement begins….