Kanan Pendari Zoo – A small treat for the wildlife lovers!

My vacation in Chhattisgarh marked the third day. I had a fine accommodation in Raipur and was delighted with the prompt services of the hotel staff. They had arranged a car for me to get around the place and a very polite and courteous driver took me around and did the job of a tourist guide. He was well versed and proud of his hometown, Raipur. I visited almost all the places of interests like the Urja Park and Budha Talab.

Being in Chhattisgarh, I always wanted to visit Bilaspur. This was a perfect opportunity to fulfill the long-craved trip. I requested for a transport and an air-conditioned car came to pick me up within half an hour. Bilaspur is 200 km away from the city of Raipur and the driver told me it would take about four hours to get there. I was comfortable, as I had no more schedules for the day. The main attraction as I was told is the Kanan Pendari zoo, which is 10km away from Bilaspur.

The journey was fine and I stopped the car a number of times to click in some great pictures of nature. Finally, I arrived at the zoo. The entrance looked elegant with a tall gate, which had ‘Kanan Panderi’ written in the local language, Hindi. I was not optimistic but just wanted to visit the place and share my experience. As I entered the zoo, I could see a variety of birds and somehow they fascinated me quite a lot. I clicked many pictures of birds from various angles, as I knew it would interest to watch them through after a few days.

The day seemed pleasant and within the zoo, there were many greens that provided enough shade and shelter. I could see many families’ especially small children who were really enjoying the trip. The zoo is well maintained though it has few wild animals. A different trip with a different experience! My camera carried several beautiful pictures, which add to my collection. I am sure my friends back home would also enjoy seeing the pictures and hearing my experience.