The Neo-Classical Palace – Lal Bagh Palace Indore

After visiting the famous Annapurna Devi temple, we headed towards the Lal Bagh palace Indore, which was known as the best neo-classical palace in the entire country. The palace was built in the year 1886 and major renovations took around the year 1921, which helped in covering the palace with gardens on all sides. It was amongst the best tourist destinations in the city and as it was centrally located that many locals could visit the place easily on holidays. The palace was designed by the famous Triggs of Calcutta and the entrance gates were just replicas of the world famous Buckingham Palace. According to the famous historian K. K. Chakraborty, the palace was a statement of Italian design, French style along with all the traditional patterns of the modern world. It belonged to a completely different class. It was ruled by a king who supported the British and had lots of history related to the palace.

Lal Bagh palace Indore

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I loved visiting historical places and especially such palaces enchant you about the architecture and rich designs that persisted during those times. I started feeling about those periods when there were no such facilities but still they could design such massive structures. The palace was built under Maharaja Shivaji Rao Holhar and was situated on the river Khan. The palace was used for hosting and organizing different parties and other ceremonies during those periods. It was spread over an area of 113311.98 square meters and there were many facts about the place.

There were lots of things on display such as the coins, which dated back to the period of the Mughals. There were many ancient paintings that were especially from Indian and Italian painters. They belonged to the period of construction of the Lal Bagh palace Indore. The palace was really amazing with Italian marbles fitted on its interiors and chandeliers around. The structure was quite similar to the Versailles Palace. The feeling was quite unique and we loved every bit of our stay in the campus. After capturing a few moments within the campus, we headed towards our next destination, which was a lake in Indore.