The Maitri Bagh, Bhilai-A Park of Substance

I had heard a lot about the Maitri Bagh zoo at Chhattisgarh. Wildlife, zoos, sanctuaries have always been a part of me as I am interested in getting along with the nature’s own resources. We are a group of friends and whenever we get time at Bhilai, we pack our bags for an adventurous journey. Being a student, sometimes it is difficult to manage such trips with pocket money. Therefore, to plan for this trip, month long saving of pocket money were already done. This time we planned to visit the Maitri Bagh zoo in Bhilai in Chattissgarh.

The zoo called Maitri Bagh is of special attraction for not only outsiders like us, but also for the local inhabitants. Many people flock there and gather at the friendship garden which is truly an awesome picnic spot. The lush green forests, wildlife and range of flora and fauna are a reservoir of nature’s bountiful resources. An artificial lake flows amidst the zoo where there is also a toy train called Maitri express running between 3 to 5 p.m. for recreation of kids. The fresh air is calling and so pure that people love taking walks and often go for jogging in the evening and morning hours. There is a famous musical fountain within the zoo which plays instrumental music on some retro and contemporary songs. The entire environment is filled with the enchanting beats of music on which the water sprinkles out of the fountain. The synchronization of music and rhythm of the rise and fall of water is a treat for the eyes. The musical fountain started in the evening, and we spent about one hour watching that.

There is a long tower called Pragati Minar which gives top view of the entire zoo and the steel plant of Bhilai. The zoo remains open from 10 a.m. in the morning to 6 p.m. in the evening, and the admission fees is as low as Rs. 5 per head. Within this minimal charge, the entire view within the zoo is worthwhile.

I had carried my brand new digital SLR camera to capture the interesting moments inside the zoo with friends, and I must say that the whole trip gave me very good memories to cherish for a long time.