Train Travel from Lucknow to Ahmedabad – A Long and Rewarding Journey

Hello everyone, it has been quite some time since I have posted my account of travel experience. In the end of June, I finally got some time to go on a short trip to a place. There were many places in my mind but I decided to go to the western part of India this time. Ahmedabad was the instant choice. I had heard a lot about this city from my friends and relatives, so I decided to explore it this time on my own. I had planned to travel this city by train.

I conducted a search on the internet for all the trains that run between Lucknow and Ahmedabad. The IRCTC mobile app is very good for this purpose. There are some 9 weekly trains from Lucknow to Ahmedabad, out of which only one Lucknow Ne (LJN) to Ahmedabad Junction (ADI) starts from Lucknow. I booked an upper class AC coach ticket in LJN ADI Special. The train starts from Lucknow at 2:30 am so I had to leave from my home about an hour in advance to the railway station.

Lucknow Junction

Lucknow Junction | Image Resource :

The train departed on time from Lucknow and I went straight to sleep on my berth. The coach was quite clean; it was good to see cleanliness maintained by the railways now. The fellow passengers told me that it was the best among all the Lucknow to Ahmedabad trains. The train traveled through some parts of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan and entered the state of Gujarat. I usually avoid eating food from railway stations but this time I ate at many stations as the food was looking very tempting.

Ahmedabad Junction

Ahmedabad Junction | Image Resource :

Some of my fellow passengers in the railway compartment were from Ahmedabad, so from them I came to know about a few places which I should visit in the city. In the train, I had prepared a small list of about 8 to 9 places to visit in the city. The train reached the Ahmedabad Junction, also known as Kalupur at 7:30 am. From the station I hired a taxi to my hotel, which I had booked in advance. The road was busy with traffic and I enjoyed the views on the way to Greenwoods Lake Resort & Spa, which was situated in central place of the city.

Train Travel from Kanpur to Ranchi by Jharkhand Express – A Dream Come True Journey to the Place of My Interest

Hello friends, I am Indrajit, an environmental engineering student. I want to share my travel experiences with my friends and hence, I am writing this blog about one of my tours which started with train travel from Kanpur to Ranchi by Jharkhand Express. The prelude to this travel plans was a simple enough reason. I was tired of studies and this had become my daily routine and had reached a point where books and studies had become a bore. So when I told my parents that I was simply too tired and fatigue and also feeling on the borderline, my family came upon a brilliant idea of sending me on a short tour with my friends.

Jharkhand Express

Jharkhand Express | Image Resource :

The decision upon the destination was quite simple as I had wanted to see the city of Ranchi. I wanted to see and explore every nook and corner of the city and that is why I decided to restrict my tour to just one city. But before embarking on the tour I needed all the relevant information and hence, decided to log on to a popular travel site. The next step was to book my train tickets and I did that online for the train Jharkhand Express.

Travelling by train has its own charm. I reached the station on time and saw that my friends were already there. The train Jharkhand Express marked 12818 makes its journey only on three days, Monday, Thursday and Saturday. The train reached Kanpur in the early morning at 01.45 AM and as it was scheduled to leave the station in just five minutes when we quickly found our berth and arranged our luggage. By that time the whistle was heard and the train started moving.

The train journey was an amazing experience as travelling with friends is always enjoyable. I also ate the food provided by the train authorities and it was quite delicious and tasty. The train reached the station Ranchi at 16.10 PM and by God’s grace it was on time. This was how my train travel from Kanpur to Ranchi by Jharkhand Express concluded and I was ready to depart from the train and start my tour with a stay at the Hotel Accord Ranchi.

Jalianwala B Express – The Contented Journey

Being a student most of my time is spent in learning and doing projects as well preparing for my GRE. But once in a while I take a break from my studies and go out travelling with my friends to many places in North India. Usually we go for three to four days and then come back rejuvenated. Last time it was to Amritsar that we decided to go. The distance from Lucknow to Amritsar is not much and we opted for train travel from Uttar Pradesh to Amritsar by Jalianwala B Express. I had the tickets reserved for all the four of us well in advance and we were very excited about our visit to Amritsar.

Jalianwala B Express

Jalianwala B Express | Image Resource :

The scheduled time of arrival of the train at Lucknow station was 3.05 pm and so I had my bags packed in the morning, taking care to pack all things that I needed. I had my lunch at 1.00 pm and got ready by 2.00 pm. I reached the station at 2.30 pm and I saw that the other three had already arrived. The train arrived at the correct time and we all got into the train. I had booked three tier AC class for our travel and we found our seats and sat down. It was a relief from the intense heat outside and we all sat down for a while enjoying the coolness of the AC.

The train had a halt in the station for 15 minutes and then took off at 3.20 pm. we sat talking for a while, making plans as to where to go in Amritsar. In the evening we had tea and snacks and then I took out a book and was immersed in reading it. we had the dinner packed from home and had it at 9.00 pm. then we had some conversation with our fellow passengers and went to sleep at 10.00 pm. the arrival time of the train at Amritsar station was 6.30 am and so I put an alarm to wake up at 5.00 am. The train arrived at exactly 6.30 am and we got out having enjoyed our train travel from Uttar Pradesh to Amritsar by Jalianwala B Express.

Train Travel from Lucknow NR to Kolkata by ASR Koaa Superfast Express

At the age of 24, I have visited many places in India and I love adventure tourism that include activities like mountain climbing, mountain cycling, clamping. I am also a great nature lover and visit wildlife sanctuaries wherever I go. Most of the time, I travel with my friends, as I have some good friends who share the same craze for travel. This time we decided to go to Kolkata as it was not so far from Lukhnow and we could come back within a few days. Opting for budget travel, we booked tickets for our train travel from Lucknow NR to Kolkata by ASR Koaa Superfast Express.

ASR Koaa Superfast Express

ASR Koaa Superfast Express | Image Resource :

The scheduled time of departure of the train from Lucknow was 8.15, so I had my bags ready for the travel by the evening. May friend had told he would pick me up at 7.30 pm. so I had the dinner packed for all the four of us and reached the station by 7.45. The other two were already waiting at the station and we sat down, waiting for the train to arrive. The train arrived at 8.10 pm. 5 minutes behind the actual time. We got into the train and searched for our seats. I had booked AC 3 tier coach and we soon found our seats and sat down. The train started from the station after 15 minutes and we sat down talking for a while. By 9 pm we had our dinner and then we all retired to our berths ready to sleep. I read the book I had with me for a while and then fell off to sleep.

Parasnath Station

Parasnath Station | Image Resource :

Next morning I woke up at 6.45 hearing the vendors shouting tea, coffee, puri masala and so on. It was the Parasnath Station and it stopped only for 2 minutes in the station. Most of the passengers had got down by the time reached Asansol Junction and then at 11.25 am we reached Kolkata railway station. Train travel from Lucknow NR to Kolkata by ASR Koaa Superfast Express took about 15 hours and we enjoyed our travel. There was the cab sent from the hotel waiting for us outside the station.

My Train Travel from Lucknow Nr to Udaipur City by NJP UDZ Express – A Rendezvous with Old Friends and Old Memories

The train ticket read Indrajit- that’s me, Ashok and Navin. Finally, our waitlisted tickets for the train travel from Lucknow Nr (LKO) to Udaipur city (UDZ) by NJP UDZ Express were confirmed. Thankfully, the much desired break was finally shaping up and my friends and I were excited beyond words to embark on this journey to Udaipur to make the most of it. The train was due to depart at 3:30 in the afternoon and we were to meet at my home to leave for the railway station together. The wait seemed endless but soon we all were on our way to the station. The scene at the railway station is never any different. Countless people make their way to the designated platforms to board the trains that would take them to their choice of destination. We too joined the crowd of nameless people in our common hope of looking forward to a safe and comfortable journey.

NJP UDZ Express

NJP UDZ Express | Image Resource :

It was going to take one whole day and we braced ourselves well. The afternoon went by while chatting and generally catching up on our respective lives and as night fell, the card games kept us busy. Our busy lives seldom give us the chance to spend quality time with friends but during excursions like these, we bond really well. We had made provisions for the home-cooked meal for dinner and the food was really delicious. For the food next day, the train meal would have to suffice. The following morning we were all late in getting up, which was justified since the train was not supposed to reach Udaipur until 4 in the evening.

Once we had eaten some after freshening up in the morning, I discussed the itinerary with my friends and expected some changes or suggestions but I gather they were happy with whatever schedule I had planned for them because they totally trusted me on this one. The train travel from Lucknow Nr (LKO) to Udaipur city (UDZ) by NJP UDZ Express was a pleasant one and the driver from Hotel Aashiya Haveli Udaipur was supposed to pick us from the Udaipur railway station.

Train travel from Lucknow to Rohtak by Gorakdam Express

I was always fond of exploring new places, but due to lack of opportunity and right companionship, I could not fulfill my dream. But now, while perusing my studies I came across some wonderful people to share the same dream as mine. I was always a nature lover and now with environmental studies as my subject, I feel more in bond with the Mother Nature. Our group of four planned to leave from Lucknow by train to reach Rohtak. Our tickets were confirmed for the Gorakdm Express which was scheduled to leave from the Gorakhpur junction at around 10 pm.

Gorakdam Express

Gorakdam Express | Image Resource :

This is my third trip with my friends. A short vacation of 3-4 days is rejuvenating, and when accompanied with adventure sports, opportunity to meet new people, learn about new cultures, and getting experience of exploring the historical backdrop of various places, it is exhilarating. This is the reason I love to travel.

To add another such experience to our lives, me and my three other friends decided to have a quick trip at the city of Rohtak that is situated in south east of Haryana state of our country. It is known as the ‘heart of Haryana’ and is the right place to explore the Vedic Civilization as Rohtak is flooded with ancient sites with evidences from Indus Valley Civilization. To discover these valuable traces of the city, we decided to give a visit there.

Rohtak Railway Station

Rohtak Railway Station | Image Resource :

We reached at the Rohtak railway station in Gorakdm Express the next morning at around 8 am. We all reached thee with our bags packed and spirits high. We were very excited and were waiting for the train to arrive which was running around 10 minutes late. We bought some eateries from the local vendors and occupied our accommodation when the train arrived at the station. We all were busy talking, and sometimes pulling each others leg as well. Realizing that the fellow passenges may get disturbed from our chatting, we retired to our bed at around midnight waiting for a thrilling experience that was about to start.

Our Travel from Agra Cantt to Indore Junction by Malwa Express

I always look forward to winter breaks as I get to spend some extremely memorable moments with my friends. In the meantime, we plan out trips to different parts of the country, those located in the northern region. Last time we planned our trip to Indore and accordingly booked our travel from Agra Cantt (AGC) to Indore Junction (INDB) by Malwa Express. We always travelled in groups and that gave us the best feeling of enjoying some of the best historical places and other beauties associated with various destinations. As per the schedule, we went to the Agra station around 10 pm and the train was scheduled to come around 10.40 pm. The train was late by 15 minutes and we boarded the train around 11 pm. Meanwhile, I bought a few magazines and books, which helped me to pass time easily on the train. The train started on time and we made ourselves comfortable on our berths.

Malwa Express

Malwa Express I Image Resource :

After having some discussions with my friends, I went to sleep and woke up around 7 am in the morning. As the train was nearing Bhopal, I was planning out our trip with my friend. Earlier before travel, we listed out the special locations that we would cover. Based on the locations, we sorted the places, the places to be visited and other famous destinations in the nearby areas. In the meantime, the train reached Bhopal Junction and we had some breakfast. The train halted there for 20 minutes and it was sufficient for us to complete our breakfast. It took another 5 hours to reach the Indore junction and though the train was running late initially, it reached the destination on time.

My watch showed that it was already 1 pm when we left the Indore station. We enjoyed every bit of our travel from Agra Cantt (AGC) to Indore junction (INDB) by Malwa Express. The journey was quite comfortable, but still we decided to check in at the hotel that was pre-booked and accordingly took an auto. The city was known for its culture and heritage. Before beginning our travel, we decided to get fresh and start our tour in Indore. It took some 30 to 40 minutes to reach the hotel.