A worthwhile trip to Urja Park Raipur

It took 14 hours to reach Raipur by train. We had already made a hotel reservation in the city. It was Sunday morning when we arrived in Raipur. A vehicle pickup was arranged by the hotel and we reached the hotel at 6:45 am. It was a restless night in the train and I badly needed a peaceful sleep. I cuddled up into the cozy bed, which was an inviting feature of the room. I did not set any alarm and did not request for any wake up call. Entire day was marked for my activities so there was no particular schedule. After few hours of relaxation at the hotel, I am all prepared to explore the city.

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To my surprise when I woke, it was 11:30 am; quickly I woke up my friends, rushed in for a shower. Wow! I was so fresh and it would keep me charged through the rest of the day. We walked down to an in-house restaurant. We could smell the flavors of traditional food and it was surely tempting! All of us placed an order for a traditional Thali meal, as it was a perfect time to have. And there came delicious varieties of food, rotis, rice, two varieties of dal, vegetable and a sweet dish. What more could I ask for! A full course and satisfying meal!

As a student, I am curious to know more about historical places in India. I read many books, articles and magazines so that I have an idea about the places that I visit. Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh has historical significance, which is major attraction for me. It was a four-day trip and we had travelled from Allahabad.

Then we decided to visit the Energy/ Urja Park, a park with a different theme. It provided information about various sources of energy and we could see a number of creative models to explain discrete processes. Regardless of age, anyone could enjoy being there. Innovative models were truly inspiring. Kudos! to the new the scientific ideas and the effort behind it. It is a perfect place where you can easily spend around three to four hours. At the end of the day, we shared a number of views about the variety theme park.