Destination of the week : Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary Guntur

Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary Guntur

Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary Guntur | Image Resource :

This sanctuary is exclusively for the Pelicans (1500 of them) and it’s soo cool. The birds are comfortably housed and even the visitor species feel at home within the natural and man- made environment that has been constructed impecuniously. Apart from it, the migrating immigrants that fly all the way from Siberia and Australia are also welcomed here. Wonderful college trip and we all had a great time together.

Hundru Falls Ranchi – A Beautiful Location to Spend Good Amount of Time

The scenic landscape at the hill left an impression in our mind and that is bound to be in my memory for a long time. It was time to end our journey visiting the last destination and it was Hundru Falls Ranchi, which promised an exciting end to the amazing trip with its amazing scenic beauties and sights. The fall of the water is from a height of a little less than a 100m and the view was mesmerizing when one looks at the falls from the top to the ground.

The green forest was surrounding the falls on all the sides and the beautiful woods along with the falls made the place look exotic and unparalleled. The water was refreshing but chilly and flowing with an unusual force. The sparkling waterfalls in the sun looked stunning and beautiful. One can visit the falls throughout the year but the best time to visit is after the monsoon months from July to October. During this time the water level increases and the flow of the falls looks eye-catching.

Hundru Falls Ranchi

Hundru Falls Ranchi | Image Resource:

I took many snaps and photographs over there and even did video photographing to show my family and friends. There were also some temporary food stalls and the food items looked mouthwatering and tasty. Being an avid foodie I can easily and confidently say that the local food items were simply delicious. I made many new friends over there and once we started talking there was no stopping us and as we shared our life history we decided to remain in touch through Facebook and through our blogs.

This tour was so memorable to us, even the travel booking was simple all thanks to travel app. It turned out to be one of the best travel tours I have taken as in any part of my journey and I have made new and trustworthy friends. We all along with our new friends took a shower at the shallow end of the bed of the falls and it was altogether a great experience. The rocks having beautiful shapes and views after getting eroded by the flowing water were also another plus point to watch out. With an amazing time at Hundru Falls Ranchi, our trip came to an end and it was undoubtedly a great one and we had the time of our lives there at Ranchi.