Destination of the week : Asthal Bohar Rohtak

Asthal Bohar Rohtak

Asthal Bohar Rohtak | Image Resource :

Description : The Asthal Bohar at Rohtak is another must visit if you are planning a visit to the north. Ardent devotees of Lord Shiva must visit this spiritual location atleast once in a lifetime. The math is however in a state of neglect. They need to take active measures to maintain the math in a good condition.

Jurasik Park – Don’t Miss It

Next, we headed to the Jurasik park, located in between the towns of Sonipat and Murthal; to have some fun and bash.

As the name indicates, it is a dinosaur-themed park. When we reached at the destination, we could see giant dinosaurs are constructed at the entrance gate to welcome the visitors.

Jurasik Park Sonipat

Jurasik Park Sonipat | Image Resource :

The entry cost is 1000 INR for a couple. It seemed to be quite reasonable for a day long fun. As it was a weekday, there were not many people in the park which was well suited to us. We entered the park to have fun and conclude our vacation in the most enjoyable way. We noticed there were almost four water rides in the park, including a pool. The slides were of all kinds- high medium and small for kids.

We quickly went to the changing rooms to don our swim suites. The changing rooms were very neat and tidy and were provided with electronic lockers. As the trip was spontaneously planned, we didn’t have our swim suites with us, so we hired it. As I am not so good swimmer, I also took a tube to help myself in water. After getting all set, we headed for the clean pools to have a splash. There were a number of lifeguards monitoring people at all pools. They were distinctly visible in their red uniform and some were busy helping the children in water.

After enough swimming and splashing water on one another, we opted for the swings in the amusement park. We were strapped carefully by the staff to ensure our safety. We enjoyed the unlimited rides that were offered in the park.

After much of playing around, we were hungry. So we went towards the dinosaur-themed restaurant of the park called as the “Fiery Grill’ that serves vegetarian lunch.

There were many other food kiosks as well in the park.

On the whole, we had an amazing experience at the Jurasik Park and would recommend everyone to visit here and have fun family and friends. The atmosphere was good with dinosaurs all around to sink with the theme. We enjoyed some great time in Jurasik Park.

Destination of the week : Tilyar Zoo Rohtak

Tilyar Zoo Rohtak

Tilyar Zoo Rohtak | Image Resource :

Description : Tiliyar Zoo is located in Rohtak, Haryana. This is a place worth the visit especially if you are with your family. You will also enjoy seeing the Tiliyar Lake. It is a great picnic spot. There is a toy train in this picnic spot. You can also choose to do boating in the Tiliyar Lake.

Cactus Garden – A Unique Collection of Cacti

This is the second last day of our vacation and we wanted to make the most of it. As we were in Haryana, it was almost impossible to miss the very famous and Asia’s largest luscious botanical garden that is located near Chandigarh, at a place called as Panchkula.

So today’s site was the Cactus garden of Panchkula. We got ready and had breakfast quickly so that we can utilize every moment at the destination.

Cactus Garden Panchkula

Cactus Garden Panchkula | Image Resource :

We reached the Cactus Garden at the expected time. Here we could see variety of cactus beautifully cropped and arranged over a vast area. All we were able to see were varieties of cactus till the stretch of our vision. We were told that the garden covers an area of 7 acres and is situated in the heart of the city of Panchkula.

We were amazed to see the varied kinds of cactus; many endangered and rare species of the succulents were maintained in the garden, for which it has earned much acknowledgment. Established in the year 1987, the garden is spotted with almost 3500 different kinds of cactus species.

Cactus Garden Panchkula

Cactus Garden Panchkula | Image Resource :

On moving further, we realized that there were three green houses facilitated in this garden. The variety and uniqueness of garden attracts a lot of visitors here, including tourists, locals and botanists.

We were initially exploring the outside garden that has around 25 raised ground features and 3 water bodies with established water ways. On the raised stack were about 800 different species of Cacti and Succulents. One of my friends, mesmerized by their beauty, tried to touch them but was pricked by the thorns of the cacti.

There was also an appreciable collection of Bonsai succulent and some non succulent plants that has been created here. The garden also contains educative collection that exhibits different types of bonsai. This helps students and many tourists also to know more about these cacti.

This Garden maintains around nine amazing glass houses that have the collection of almost all the practically known genera of cactus.

A few varieties of plants are also available for sale. Me and one of my friends bought a beautiful and flowery cactus as a testimony to this trip.

Destination of the week : Firoz Shah Tughlaq Tomb

Firoz Shah Tughlaq Tomb

Firoz Shah Tughlaq Tomb | Image Resource :

Description : Are you planninga visit to Delhi? IN that case, you must surely plan and visit the Firoz Shah Tuqlaq tomb which is regarded as one of the most beautifully designed architectural structures. You will surely be impressed by the serenity of the place with the lake closeby and lush green lawns all around.

Grave Of Ibrahim Lodhi – A Great Fighter of the Past

On the third day of our visit to the place of Rohtak, we were ready to explore the more of the city. All four of us were having tremendous fun together; while viewing the exceptional monuments of past as well as the natural sites. On this refreshing morning, we were going to visit the Grave of Ibrahim Lodhi that is sited in the historic place of Panipat.

Grave Of Ibrahim Lodhi

Grave Of Ibrahim Lodhi | Image Resource :

We hired a taxi and headed towards our destination. We were chatting all the way while me having small nap as well in between. I feel it to be quite energizing…what say?

Well, my friends don’t think so and they made a lot fun over this. But that’s how friends are, and I am glad I came here with them.

We reached the place where the tomb was sited. The Ibrahim Lodi’s Tomb was a true reflection of the efficient and rich architectural skills used in the ancient times. The Tomb was huge and was constructed by the then ruler “Sher Shah Suri” to honor the gallant and brave Muslim ruler, “Ibrahim Lodhi”.

The competent general “Ibrahim Lodhi “was overpowered by the great Mughal ruler “Babur” for the duration of the “First Battle of Panipat” in the year 1526.

This tomb of “Ibrahim Lodhi” is a major tourist attraction site. People who visit here get completely spell bound by the sight of the marvelous mausoleum, which holds the testimony to the ferocious historic battle that made a mark in the destiny of our country. The famous tomb guards the grave of “Ibrahim Lodhi” and depicts the affluent architectural approach of the Pathans. The tomb has beautifully carved arches, gracefully designed and refined pillars and presents a fabulous blend of eye-catching colors. It is no doubt that it is a spectacular architectural creation, representing the affluent and rich engineering techniques of the departed golden era.

The place was holding eternal beauty with one of the great fighter of our past. This is a remembrance of our history that is still standing with its head high narrating the moments of the past. I am a great admirer of our history and places like this fill my heart with delight and pride.

Sheikh Chilli Ka Maqbara – A Must Visit

After visiting the epic places, we moved further to a historical place in Kurukshetra that is famous for its beauty- Sheikh Chilli ka maqbara

Sheikh Chilli Ka Maqbara, or the tomb is a very fine-looking and efficiently maintained Mughal monument that is sited in a part of the city. Actual name of Sheikh Chilli was Sufi Saint Abd ur Rahim, and he was believed to be the spiritual guru of Dara Shikh, brother of Aurangzeb.

Sheikh Chilli Ka Maqbara

Sheikh Chilli Ka Maqbara | Image Resource :

The place was captivating with its architectural plans resembling that of Persian buildings. The beauty and architectural sophistications are so unique that it is considered at second position in Northern India, the first being Taj Mahal. The place was truly remarkable and we were amazed to see the beauty of the place and the efforts that would have been put in to construct such master piece.

Along the western gate of the Madarsa, is present an elegant, though small Pathar Masjid, which is made of red sandstones. It is an outstanding place for its beautifully fluted minarets that are made attached to its rear wall.

Moreover, the ceiling of the mosque was beautified with the carved floral designs in low relief and was resting over strong pillars. Those pillars are also copiously ornamented with floral designs. It was hard to believe that these designs were carved in those times without any assets of machines and equipment. The credibility of the maker is unmatched. We could also see the inscribed verses from the Quran.

There was an adjoining building representing a garden complex that was made on the ‘char bagh’ concept with a water tank in the centre. This is the pattern of a typical Mughal garden that could be seen in almost all the Mughal monuments. The garden is now known as Harshvardhan Par. We roamed about the entire place praising its exceptional beauty. We spent a long time viewing the carvings. The garden was equally beautiful. All the ancient monuments holds a story of their past, which is very well said even in absence of words. Mesmerized by our historical richness, we spent the entire evening at that place and returned back only after it was dark.

Destination of the week : Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Centre

Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Centre

Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Centre | Image Resource :

Description : If you have interest in science and exhibitions, you must visit this place. The Kurukshetra Panorama is located close to the Sri Krishna Museum. You can visit this place with your family too. Kurukshetra literally means the land of the Kuru clan. It has a fine collection of scientific exhibits.

D2M Hotel Rohtak – A Pleasant Experience

Our train reached the station at right time. It was a chilly winter morning and we were packed with our woolens; but the station was already at its pace with numerous passengers- some waiting and some running for their trains. The vendors were passing by us exhibiting various snacks available with them. We all had our morning tea at the station and then hired a cab to reach our pre-booked at D2M hotel Rohtak, which is located in the heart of the city.

On entering the premises of the hotel, we pat our back and appreciated for the apt selection of accommodation.. It was a nice hotel with almost all the basic amenities. The staff was friendly and co-operative. We were ushered to our rooms by the steward who was carrying our luggage. We had two adjacent rooms booked for the four of us. The interior of the hotel was decently done and was quite attractive.

D2M Hotel Rohtak

D2M Hotel Rohtak | Image Resource :

We entered our rooms with a pleasing smile as the rooms were very well maintained. It was a decent sized room that was illuminating in the dim lights. The accommodation was comfortable and the rooms were facilitated with amenities of telephone, mini bar refrigerator ( which seemed most appealing to one of my friend) and tea/coffee maker, a television and air conditioner. Wi-Fi service was also available on demand. We were told that the hotel has facility of a multi cuisine restaurant and dining that is named as ‘the Maharaja’.

We explored the neat and tidy room and were engrossed in chatting while lying comfortable on the cozy bed, when we realized that we may loose our time to explore the historical city. We quickly got ready and went for breakfast in the hotel restaurant. The food quality of the hotel was awesome and we treated ourselves with some mouth watering platters. After hogging on the delicious breakfast, we roamed about in the hotel to discover it a bit more .We talked to the travel desk manager in the D2M hotel Rohtak as well to get to know about the

Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple – a significant place

The very next day, we planned to visit the famous Sthaneshwar Lord Shiva temple that is sited in the region of Kurukshetra. It is a beautiful temple with Lord Shiva as its deity. The importance of this temple is explained with the belief that the Lord Brahma himself laid the very first ‘Linga’ of Shiva at this temple.

Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple

Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple | Image Resource :

While observing the architecture of this beautiful temple, we noticed the distinct white amla (fruit) shaped dome. The temple is bestowed with a large water body in its front that adds to the captivating view of the temple. Unlikely to other temples, a Gurudwara is laid in front of the temple that signifies the purity of place, which is being sanctified by visit of Guru Tegh Bahadur .

The place offered eternal peace with its calm environment. The morning breeze was flowing over the water that made the environment a bit cold. We all were quietly enjoying the serenity of the place.

Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple

Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple | Image Resource :

The place is very sacred and is viewed from far with its tall pinnacle. The ‘Linga’ present at the temple is ancient and is still worshipped with extreme faith by people. None of the pilgrimage to Kurukshetra is considered to be complete if this holy place is not visited and worshipped. The adjacent holy water tank and the temple are at a short distance from the town of Thanesar , from where the temple gets its name.

The main attraction of the place is the ‘Kamal Nabhi’, which is situated adjacent to the town Thanesar. This is a holy water tank and has a sanctified mythological belief to its existence that the sacred lotus present in the tank plays adobe to the Lord Bramha and that the Lord has manifested from the navel of the lotus.

Another attraction of the place is BHISHAM KUND NARKATARI . This is the place that is considered as the site where Bhishma Pitamah of Mahabharata laid himself on the bed of arrows. The place brought us back into the historical events. We visited all these places with great enthusiasm as these are the places we have read and heard about in our epics. They hold great value to us and our history.