Train Travel from Allahabad to Varanasi In Mahanagari Express!

Travel is an explicit way of self exploration and restoring ones peace of mind. These ideas streamline my interest in outdoor activities like trekking, mountaineering and also travel. I pursue to do my MS in environmental engineering whose initial seeds of wisdom are sown in me from Lucknow. Train travel has always caught my fascination for it is one unique way of identifying your hidden talents; I discovered the art of photography in me during one of my train travel.

Mahanagari Express

Mahanagari Express | Image Resource :

Allahabad has always had a significant value in my life, be the delicacies served there or be it the birthplace of acting legend Amitabh Bachan. Also I always believed budget travel to be a strong base of any adventure. During one of my travel by Mahanagari Express I experienced a unique dimension in travel and vacation. I chose to ride in this superfast express from Allahabad to Varanasi. This journey was like a pure bliss and it left its imprints directly on to my soul.

The crowded yet homogeneous crowd at the Allahabad railway station, the sparkling glow of the age old railway clock, the fresh smell of dairy products caught the nostalgic reins of my mind before I boarded this train. Within moments I had decided that this travel is going to be recorded in the elegant pages of my memory.Connecting two famous and historic cities of India this train offered me excellent company of intellectual people to keep a good company. Further I was richly entertained by the nature’s glowing beauty sidelined along the railway tracks as the train cruised to its destination. A few tunnels and the darkness dispatched by them sure took my memory back to the good old childhood days.

Food In Mahanagari Express

Food In Mahanagari Express | Image reource :

Needless to say was the variety of food served on train. There was a prompt service of tea, coffee and also the famous badam milk which kept its taste lingering on my tongue for a long time. The view outside the train depicted growing cities of India still residing in the womb of its tradition and culture. Thinking of this fact as I pondered my thoughts in various directions I could hear the railway announcement which told me that the Mahanagari Express had reached Varanasi!