Chaukandi Stupa Varanasi : A Magical Journey To The Gupta Dynasty!

It happened so that I got holiday for a week and I wanted to go on a tour. I always love to travel with friends but since my friends were busy, I decided to go alone. Since I always travelled to places related to adventure tourism, this time I wanted my trip to be different. So, I chose to visit Varanasi which is one of the oldest living cities in the world. I reached Varanasi by train and checked into one of the budget hotels. I had got some brochures from UP tourism counter in the Railway station. That day I wandered in the streets of Varanasi, finding the place to be a heaven for street food lovers.

Chaukandi Stupa

Chaukandi Stupa | Image Resource :

I decided to visit the Chaukandi Stupa and other places in Saranath. The Stupa is 12 Kms from Varanasi. Going to the place by bus was the cheapest option but it meant that I will have to take an auto to go around Saranath. This was heavy on my budget travel. I befriended one of the hotel staff and borrowed his bicycle by paying a small amount. I filled my backpack with adequate water and food.  I got some Kachoris, jelabies and Puris for breakfast and lunch from a street side shop which my new friend had recommended. In order to avoid the sun I started by six in the morning.

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On the way to Saranath, I crossed many villages and of course I took photographs of the locals on the fields and children attending school under a tree. The Chaukandi Stupa is situated like an entrance to the holy Buddhist town. The Stupa has been built during Gupta period and It is said that Buddha initially met his pupils and started his spiritual sermonize here. The Stupa is octagonal in shape built on a rectangular mound built of red sandstone.  After viewing the Stupa, I cycled around Saranath covering all other places of importance and went back to return my bicycle to my new buddy!