Enjoy Tasty Foods – In the Streets of Rohtak

While roaming around the various places in the city of Rohtak, we came across a variety of dishes in the region. Some places offered the local delicacies while some were famous for their unique cuisines. On our way to various sites, we enjoyed the variety of taste offered to us.

While having a wonderful stay at the hotel, we enjoyed the multi cuisine restaurant and the delicacies served by them. It was so relishing and we enjoyed almost every bite of our food, as we enjoyed the sight-seeing in and around Rohtak.

While moving around in the gardens, we would hog on various snacks that were offered by the authorized food stalls or local vendors.

Being a resident of Lucknow, I cherish the food and its richness to the extremes. The love for food is gifted to me by the Nawabi environment I was brought up in. So, it is always a charm to taste some new dishes and their unique taste.

There were many restaurants as well in the region that are famous for their delicacies and fine taste. These includes bakery products, north Indian snacks like chole bhature, chats and pani puries, the yummiest sweets and south Indian platter. Me and my friends are die hard foodie and we love to hog on a variety of food along with travelling. After all, one can’t enjoy travelling while empty stomach…isn’t it?

We enjoyed and cherished the food while being in the beautiful city of Rohtak which holds a rich historical background and is equally fine in the food it serves. Though the food variety is very distinct from that served in the region of Lucknow, it was mouthwatering. After all, its an advantage of exploring new places that we tend to explore and adapt to the kind of food served at the site. I had a wonderful time in this vacation and enjoyed every moment of it which I will cherish for many years to come.

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