Ashoka Pillar Varanasi : A Pillar Of Pride And Prestige!

I am Indrajit Gahlot, 24 year old male pursuing my engineering course. I love nature and its recently that I started wildlife and adventure tourism. Train travel is the best and thrilling experience for a youngster like me. Varanasi is more than 3000 years old and is famous for its temples. Looking at the number of temples in Varanasi, it is hard to believe that a large number of them were demolished during the medieval times. It is considered as the abode of Shiva.  I was travelling with a few friends and we were on a budget travel and so we stayed in a budget hotel.

Ashoka Pillar Varanasi

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The Ashoka Pillar is 50 metres in height, carved out of a single block of sandstone, has four lions on the top. The four lions facing four different directions is officially the national emblem of India. Situated in Saranath district of Varanasi, it is the place where Gautama Budh addressed his followers for the first time. There are some facts written on the pillar in Devanagiri script. Walking through Varanasi, one can see some of the finest handicrafts and exquisite Banarasi sarees. The brassware shines as the rays of the sun fall on them, women folk flock the colourful glass bangles stall. A halt at the road-side eatery proved delicious as I was served bread lathered with butter and another with yogurt. A piping hot cup of chai completed the snack. A packed of roasted peanuts and some juicy jalebi’s can be bought anywhere.

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I love to go trekking in the jungle, climbing mountains, bird watching – nature is the perfect aphrodisiac for people like me. We took a special tour that will offer me the experience of a life time. Trekking the hilly area from the Chunar rocks to the waterfall is worth it.  We had to carry some food and water. The waterfalls have created a small lake and surrounding the lake is the rocky cliff. I lay down and listened to the mesmerizing sound of the falling water.  This trip we couldn’t go camping or mountain cycling. Being a Photography freak, I clicked as many pictures as I could. On the whole, I had a cool and refreshing holiday. Adios!