Destination Of The Week : Eden Gardens Kolkata

Eden Gardens Kolkata

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Description : I have seen the Eden Gardens cricket ground in Kolkata only on the small screen while IPL matches are telecast on TV. It is a place yu can visit. Traveller are sure to enjoy the view of the cricket stadium. You can also witness some good matches here if you have the tickets.

The Amazing Spider-man 2 Review

As a kid, I loved reading comics the simple notion that a single man can save the entire world always amuse me. Be it Batman, Superman, Spiderman or Wolverine, I idolized them all (All thanks to Marvel and DC comics). This is the main reason why I’m still addicted to super heroes. I’m quite excited about this post as I get to write on two of my favourite forms of entertainment i.e. “Comic Superheroes” and “Movies”.

Being a Spiderman fan, I had to watch the recent instalment from the series “The Amazing Spiderman 2”. So here is my honest review on the movie.

The Amazing Spiderman 2

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I’ll begin with saying that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is an intense superhero movie with a love story at backdrop. A good portion of the story revolves around romance between Peter Parker/Spiderman (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen (Emma Stone) which can be considered as “Uncool” by many spidey’s geek followers. As a spidey fan, you go to the theatre to experience some nerve wrecking superhero action.

The movie begins with an amazing airplane scene which sets the movie at the right pace. As we all know that Richard Parker Peter’s father left him with Uncle Ben for some mysterious reason. However, Richard has left some really confidential documents about his work for his only kid (Peter). This adds up to the suspense and thrill of the storyline.

The feature that sets this “Amazing Spider-Man” series apart from other instalments is Peter’s/spidey’s sense of humour. Unlike the previous movies, this series portrays our web-clinger as a funny and cocky guy. He kind of reminds me of “Dead pool”.

Meanwhile, an ordinary electrical engineer Max Dillon is reborn as Electro. In this movie, spidey has to also deal with couple of other villains which include Rhino (the famous Russian mobster) enacted by Paul Giamatti and of course Harry Osborn(successor of Green Goblin) a.k.a “New Goblin” played by Dane DeHaan.

The villains are soul of this movie especially Electro (Jamie Foxx) who keeps on blasting stuff with his electric powers. The movie consists of some really spectacular action scenes that keeps the audience on their toes and maintains the grip of the entire story.

Again, like all other spidey movie. This movie is all about how peter and spider share a same life and how peter’s life suffers due to spidey’s responsibility. Although the movie is called “The Amazing Spider-Man”, it is all about Peter Parker. How he conquers his fears on a path from losing his loved ones to discovering his parents dark secrets.

So, if you are true Spiderman fan. Regardless of any review you will watch this movie and wait for the next one.