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Travel Quote

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This quote holds true in many people’s lives. We can see them reflecting over this beautiful quote by Hilaire Belloc in their travel blogs. Travelling to places not only enriches our lives but adds to our experience. One gets to meet different cuisines, different cultures and different people which helps us gain knowledge.

Delicious Food of the Week : Pithla Bhakri With Thecha Pune

Pithla Bhakri With Thecha Pune

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Pithla Bhakri With Thecha Pune  : I travelled to Pune for my cousin’s marriage and was taken to a tour around the town. I had a chance to taste a dish called the Pithla Bhakri served with Thecha. It is a roti made from bajra flour and pithla which consist of dry besan flour with some added vegetables like coriander. It is served with spicy chilly chutney and onion to enhanced the taste even more.

Destination of the Week : Oakwood Residence Pune

Oakwood Residence Pune

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Oakwood Residence Pune  : My family and I visited #Pune to march on a hike to Lonavala and we decided to stay at the Oakwood residence because the reviews were good. We were not disappointed with the elegant building that greeted us. The manager informed us about the pool and we proceeded to take a dip in it and later ate at the restaurant which served continental cuisine.

ISKCON NVCC Temple Pune Is Ideal For Those Who Are Seek Peace

From the Rajiv Gandhi Park, we headed towards our next destination which was the ISKCON NVCC Temple Pune. Being a resident of Uttar Pradesh, I have always been associated with holy places since my birth. I have travelled to various ISKCON temples located across the country and seriously mesmerized by the calmness they bring. The community of ISKCON is made up of 400 temples along with more than 100 vegetarian restaurants.


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The ISKCON New Vedic Cultural Center, just like other ISKCON temples in the country, is dedicated to Radha and Krishna and attracts a large number of Hindu worshippers from various corners of the state. It is located at a place called Kondhwa which is at a distance of around 12 km on the southern side of Pune. If you are looking to spend some peaceful and holy time away from the busy urban life, you can easily travel to this temple located on the city’s fringes.

The Indian Society for Krishna Consciousness NVCC Pune isn’t very old though. It was only during the celebration of Nityananda Tryodshi in the month of February in 2013 that the country’s President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee had inaugurated the temple as well as the Vedic Cultural Centre. On entering the temple, we were really surprised by the serenity of the ambience. We could easily feel the essence of the Lord at every point inside the temple.

Sri Radha Vrindavan Chandra

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We also went to the massive Matchless Gift Stall in order to buy some items associated with Lord Krishna for my family members. We also spotted a Govinda’s stall and a Govinda’s restaurant which offer all types of sanctified foods such as Chinese, North Indian, South Indian, etc. Another great thing about the temple is that it offers a panoramic view of huge mountains in the backdrop.

The main motive behind the establishment of the ISKCON community is to spread the knowledge of universal principles of God’s consciousness and self realization which help in spiritual peace, unity and understanding. The temple is one of the biggest followers of the Vedic scriptures, believes in eternal religion or sanatana dharma and preaches non sectarian teachings.

Happy Children’s Day 2015

Children's Day Wishes

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Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens is a very powerful saying. This is one the reasons why children should be given the utmost importance for the betterment of our country. Jawahar Lal Nehru loved and took time off with kids for this very reason. His birthday is dedicated as the Children’s day.

Destination of the Week : Rajgad Fort Pune

Rajgad Fort Pune

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Description : The trip to Rajgad Fort was a part of the Lonavala trekking. The fort is situated very high up in the mountains of the Sahyadri Ranges. It turned out to be thrilling because we could experience both history and nature at the same time. The fort offered mesmerizing views of the hills and all the greenery below.