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Hotels In Puri

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Capturing one’s fantasy is practically impossible for they say dreams are the ones that can never be caged. I can be one of the special few who frame their dreams; indeed my passion for photography with my interest in nature keeps me occupied almost all throughout the year. There can be a lot of self-explanatory ideas that one can draw from environmental engineering but to a lad of twenty four all it means to be was to get into the depths of travel and natural excellence. I was mesmerized with the experiences I had when I visited Orissa, Puri in particular left its imprints right on my heart. All credit to the amazing journey I had go to the Hotels in Puri.

I was enthralled by the sincere dedication of the numerous devotees who visit the holy shrine of Puri Jagannath every year. Whole of Orissa if put together also wouldn’t come near close to the grace and vibrant environment of this city. My visit was during a temple festival and needless to say there was a surplus inflow of tourist and devotees. I was surprised by the excellent services offered by the hotels here.

Puri Jagannath

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All the facilities right from accommodation, sightseeing and other added services came well within the budget that I had planned for. Despite my stay extending to an extra day in the hotel I booked I was comfortably able to manage the extra pay without a hitch in my pocket. One thing that surprised me was the added service offered by the hotel extending its services to railway reservation. This was also done economically and I was able to fetch the best train fares.

Orissa Food

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I was wholeheartedly satisfied by the excellent function I witnessed in the temple. Another major factor that made me extend my stay was the tremendous food served here. For a minute the words like diet and limit slipped out of my mind. I just attacked the food on the plates, in the bowls and also the deserts served traditionally in the mud pots. This amazing experience of mine was made even more special because of the reliable and extremely brilliant Hotels in Puri.