Baati Chokha, My All-time Favourite Food

Hey friends! It is nice to have you back! As you might have already known that I was born and brought up in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, there is a lot, I could probably go on saying about the place. We have been blessed by sacred Hindu temples, the holy Ganges river and unending series of Ghats where sages meditate and aim to seek Moksha.

There have been stories of Varanasi and it can just not be explained in mere two or three sentences. It is a vibrant city, where vibrancy and warmth runs through its lanes.

What also comes with all these is the food! Yes, we all love food and Uttar Pradesh, rather Varanasi cuisine is one of the most popular ones in the world! I could see that as many foreign tourists throng the lanes of Varanasi to try authentic local food that is being sold out in eateries and nearby shops.

However, what I really love about Varanasi food is Litti. My favourite dish, Litti is Baati Chokha or round roti, as it is lovingly called.

Baati Chokha

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Baati Chokha is extremely popular in eastern UP as well as in Bihar, where people are crazy over it. When they just cannot get enough of the homemade Baati Chokha, many locals in huge numbers wait in queues to relish upon this popular snack-cum delicacy.

Baati Chokha is typically a ball of dough filled with a number of spices and made to grill over charcoal. They are hardened on the outside but evenly mushy and spicy on the inside. As they are grilled over heavily burning charcoal, the round baatis are extremely healthy because they are not shallow or deep-fried.

The best place to eat yummy Baati Chokha is on the Funeral Lane in Varanasi. The street houses an old shop that has been selling Baati Chokha for so many years now. Just order your plate and you would be served with Baati or the round balls and Chokha, which is a preparation of mashed and spiced potatoes and eggplants. Red onions also accompany the order.

The dish is my absolute favourite, I make it a point to have it anytime, and every time I feel the need to. It is understated yet exotic in taste and you could enjoy all tastes equally. So, whenever you are in Varanasi, do make sure you try at least a couple of plates of Baati Chokha.