Tilyar Lake – An Ideal Picnic Spot

After filling ourselves with the amazing breakfast at the hotel restaurant and relaxing a bit in our rooms, we decided to move out in the beautiful city and introduce ourselves with the engrossing natural sites. So the four of us planned to visit the Tilyar Lake, which is located in the Rohtak district. We hired a cab and headed towards the lake.

Tilyar Lake Rohtak

Tilyar Lake Rohtak | Image Resource : panoramio.com

On approaching the site, we realized that it was spread over a large area, 132 acres as we were told. There was a perfect green belt that surrounded the lake and adding to its beauty. The water was moving peacefully in the lake amid the lush green trees, which was very captivating. We moved closer to the lake to touch the calm water. As the time was passing by, the place was getting flooded with tourists. Many people from Delhi were there who wanted to get out of the hustle bustle of the busy city and get breathe of fresh air. After all, this lake is a popular and ideal picnic spot for the people living nearby.

Boating facility was provided in the lake, mainly for children, but adults too can enjoy a ride in the swan shaped boat. There was a huge garden as well where many people were sitting and chatting and children were busy playing games and were running all around. I could see a restaurant and bar also for the refreshments of the visitors. It felt so good to see people enjoying themselves with laughter and merriness echoing all around.

We were told that there was a mini zoo as well with animals like tiger, panther, deer, monkey and many more. A toy train is also operated for children. Therefore it has all the amenities of a picnic spot and a nice place to hang around, especially children. By looking at children, we also went for a boat ride and had some splashing fun. Vacations are so much fun with friends. We had a great time while roaming in the garden and around the lake. We even visited the zoo to rekindle our childhood days. It was a great visit and I would suggest everyone to must visit this site.

Destination of the week : Gurdwara Bangla Sahib Rohtak

Gurdwara Bangla Sahib Rohtak

Gurdwara Bangla Sahib Rohtak | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Description : This is one of the most prominent Gurudwaras in the north. This Guru Dwara is associated with Guru Har Krishan. The pool inside this Guru Dwara is regarded holy and called Amrit by the Sikhs. It was built during the reign of emperor Shah Alam 3. The golden dome of this Guru Dwara looks impeccably rich.

Enjoy Tasty Foods – In the Streets of Rohtak

While roaming around the various places in the city of Rohtak, we came across a variety of dishes in the region. Some places offered the local delicacies while some were famous for their unique cuisines. On our way to various sites, we enjoyed the variety of taste offered to us.

While having a wonderful stay at the hotel, we enjoyed the multi cuisine restaurant and the delicacies served by them. It was so relishing and we enjoyed almost every bite of our food, as we enjoyed the sight-seeing in and around Rohtak.

While moving around in the gardens, we would hog on various snacks that were offered by the authorized food stalls or local vendors.

Being a resident of Lucknow, I cherish the food and its richness to the extremes. The love for food is gifted to me by the Nawabi environment I was brought up in. So, it is always a charm to taste some new dishes and their unique taste.

There were many restaurants as well in the region that are famous for their delicacies and fine taste. These includes bakery products, north Indian snacks like chole bhature, chats and pani puries, the yummiest sweets and south Indian platter. Me and my friends are die hard foodie and we love to hog on a variety of food along with travelling. After all, one can’t enjoy travelling while empty stomach…isn’t it?

We enjoyed and cherished the food while being in the beautiful city of Rohtak which holds a rich historical background and is equally fine in the food it serves. Though the food variety is very distinct from that served in the region of Lucknow, it was mouthwatering. After all, its an advantage of exploring new places that we tend to explore and adapt to the kind of food served at the site. I had a wonderful time in this vacation and enjoyed every moment of it which I will cherish for many years to come.

Train travel from Lucknow to Rohtak by Gorakdam Express

I was always fond of exploring new places, but due to lack of opportunity and right companionship, I could not fulfill my dream. But now, while perusing my studies I came across some wonderful people to share the same dream as mine. I was always a nature lover and now with environmental studies as my subject, I feel more in bond with the Mother Nature. Our group of four planned to leave from Lucknow by train to reach Rohtak. Our tickets were confirmed for the Gorakdm Express which was scheduled to leave from the Gorakhpur junction at around 10 pm.

Gorakdam Express

Gorakdam Express | Image Resource : wordpress.com

This is my third trip with my friends. A short vacation of 3-4 days is rejuvenating, and when accompanied with adventure sports, opportunity to meet new people, learn about new cultures, and getting experience of exploring the historical backdrop of various places, it is exhilarating. This is the reason I love to travel.

To add another such experience to our lives, me and my three other friends decided to have a quick trip at the city of Rohtak that is situated in south east of Haryana state of our country. It is known as the ‘heart of Haryana’ and is the right place to explore the Vedic Civilization as Rohtak is flooded with ancient sites with evidences from Indus Valley Civilization. To discover these valuable traces of the city, we decided to give a visit there.

Rohtak Railway Station

Rohtak Railway Station | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

We reached at the Rohtak railway station in Gorakdm Express the next morning at around 8 am. We all reached thee with our bags packed and spirits high. We were very excited and were waiting for the train to arrive which was running around 10 minutes late. We bought some eateries from the local vendors and occupied our accommodation when the train arrived at the station. We all were busy talking, and sometimes pulling each others leg as well. Realizing that the fellow passenges may get disturbed from our chatting, we retired to our bed at around midnight waiting for a thrilling experience that was about to start.

Information on Environmental Engineering – What makes it Special

Howdy all! OK, presently I am all into studies and assignment submissions as I have been preparing for my mid-semester finals. Although I am neck-deep immersed into my preparations, have taken some time off from my tight studying schedule to blog about my interest, passion and field of academics – environmental engineering.

For 2 years now, I have been a devoted student to environmental engineering and would love to brag about it. Literally! Well, it might not be too easy to catch up with the subject, but a little dedication and the love for it, anyone can learn environmental engineering and gain masters in it.


Earth | Image Resource : webcert.fullerton.edu

If you are thinking what is environmental engineering all about, here is something for all you curious people out there.

Environmental Engineering is becoming a fast-growing stream in science. Precisely, it is an integration of science and engineering principles that are aimed towards the betterment of natural environment.

All you would get to learn about is the ways and means to improve the natural environment, so that the human habitation and other organisms are provided with healthy air, water, and land.

Well, just when I was in 10th grade, I was smitten by the idea of learning environmental engineering. I could also say that love for nature and all its elements was deep set in me since those days. Hence, I geared up myself and went ahead with opting for this particular course.

While some of my friends have gone into accounting, computer science, and stuff, I find myself in better position just because I am following my dreams. I imagine myself protecting the environment with the help of latest and most innovative technologies.

Besides, there is a great scope for environmental engineers. I have also researched that the degree is in huge demand not only in India but abroad as well.

Looking back a couple of years ago, I pride in myself for having picked up the subject of environmental engineering as my higher studies. As a nature enthusiast, I further look forward to gaining a postgraduate degree in the said stream and for now, all I need is tons of good luck. Hang around!

Destination of the week : Tincha Fall Indore

Tincha Fall Indore

Tincha Fall Indore | Image Resource : wordpress.com

Description : Any nature lover like me would be smitten by the sight of the Tincha Fall Indore. Encompassing nature’s eternal beauty, this is one of those waterfalls, which you shouldn’t miss out on. While the gushing water flows down, there is lush green beauty surrounding it, oozing timelessness and killer appeal. The Tincha Fall is literally awe-inspiring. Go straight up for an out-of-the-world sight!

Kanch Mandir Indore – Beauty at its Best

From the Nehru Park, we travelled to our final destination during that tour. It was the Kanch Mandir Indore, which was quite famous for its designs. It was constructed way back in the year 1903. The temple was dedicated to the followers of Jainism. It was completely different from the other temples that I had visited till that day. The temple was built by Seth Hukumchand Jain and he was one of the legendary traders. He led the way to the construction of Kanch ka Mandir. The entire mansion along with the balcony was made of white stone. The interiors of the temple were completely covered by glass and mosaics. There were floors, columns and ceilings that were all designed. We learnt that the first owner of the mandir had hired craftsmen from Jaipur and Iran as well. The ornaments that were used to replicate that of old Jain styles and different innovations were made of glass.

In the main temple, where the idol was placed, the surroundings were covered with mirrors on all sides and they showed images of the same object infinite times. Since photography was completely prohibited inside the campus, we could not capture any of the designs and structures. The temple served as the main center for the Jains. We learnt that any kind of procession led by the followers of Jainism began and ended in the temple. There were many rituals that were followed by the devotees in the temple and they celebrated the different kinds of festivals with great enthusiasm.

A local resident informed me that many special festivals were also organized in the Kanch Mandir Indore, especially during Dashami, Sugandhs and Rath Yatra. The Idols were taken on golden Palkhis from one place to another and it was hailed as the main festival of that temple. After exploring different parts of the temple, we were extremely tired. All of us were really sad that the trip had come to an end finally. However, we were happy that we could take the amazing experience of visiting various spots in the beautiful city of Indore along with us.