Things To Do In Lonavala – Time For Fun And Frolic!

Indrajit Gahlot is back again with some exciting experiences of my bachelor trip. Well, bachelor life is the most exciting time of life, and I want to create more and more reminiscences of my precious time. I am a Lucknow born guy, who is basically an adventure freak. Quite recently I have started going to trips with my crazy friends, and last week I was in Lonavala.

View of Lonavala

View of Lonavala | Image Resource :

Lonavala calling!

Yes, the ideal hill station of Maharashtra which is popular among young boys and girls for spending thrilling and adventurous time! I chose the destination mainly for the electrifying things to do in Lonavala, which I had heard a lot about! The place is situated amidst natural beauty on all sides; there are forts, caves and dams to check out apart from the escapades and camping activities.


Fun filled things to do in Lonavala

We were three of us, and spent our first day chilling out at an affordable yet amazing hotel in Lonavala. It was a sudden trip as we wanted to explore the location by ourselves and not through the eyes of internet. Camping has always been on top position in my trips. From the hotel staff, we heard about Dellas Adventures at Kunegaon.

Dellas Adventures Lonavala

Dellas Adventures Lonavala | Image Resource : tripadvisor

It is a perfect place for crazy people like us, as there are so many activities to try on. Some of them which we experienced were mountain cyclic, della shooting, double seater cycle, racing car, football, bowling, bull ride, and many more. Amazing it was! We spent 1145 INR and had the best time of our life!

Things to do in Lonavala

Things to do in Lonavala | Image Resource :

All three of us were hankering for something more. We went to Pawna Lake in Lonavala for a mud race session. The race has been designed so intelligently which tested both physical and mental strength. We had a refreshing as well as exhausting time, and it costed 1499 for 2 hours. We came to know that ex army commandos have designed the obstacle race, I suggest everyone to try this.

Pawna Lake in Lonavala

Pawna Lake in Lonavala | Image Resource :

We had just one day left and we wanted to end our holiday with a unique activity. As recommended by our hotel manager, we went for a balloon safari at Talegaon. We could see beautiful sights of the evening and a bird’s eye view of the entire place. Simply lovely!

Balloon Safari at Talegaon

Balloon Safari at Talegaon | Image Resource :

If you are looking for some adventure, please visit Lonavala.fa

Paragliding in Pune Best Activity For The Adventure Freaks!

Hi Friends I am Indrajit a budding environment engineer. I have this passion for travelling and adventure sports. One of my friends who is studying engineering with me is from Pune in Maharashtra and he recommended that I must come to Pune and see the magical city at least once in my life.


Pune | Image Resource :

On his insistence I accompanied him to Pune. We went to his house where I was treated with some delicious Maharashtrian delicacies including pooran poli. He took me around the city. We went to Sarad Baug, Sinhagad Fort, Dagdu Sheth Ganpati Temple. He then suggested that I try my hand on paragliding in Pune. I jumped at the offer as I love adventure sports. We decided to leave for Kamshet early in the morning next day.

Paragliding in Pune

Paragliding in Pune | Image Resource :

Amazing activity of paragliding in Pune

Next day in the wee hours we started for Kamshet on my friend’s bike. We went to Rangoli hotel in Kamshet for paragliding in Pune. There were two packages. In the first one you get to fly in the air along with an instructor for 30 minutes in a two seater. You get to click pictures of the beautiful scenes from the top.

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In the second package you can choose the type of ride you want that is classical, instructional and acrobatic. If you are an adventure freak then choose the acrobatic option. That is what we did and oh my God! What an amazing experience it was to do paragliding! I later got to know that they also have three day introductory course. Since next day I had to return back home I was not able to enroll for it. But I have decided that someday when I visit Pune again I will enroll for this amazing paragliding introductory course.

Aacrobatic Paragliding

Aacrobatic Paragliding | Image Resource :

We returned back to the city and my friend took me to this amazing Vaishali restaurant and treated me to some of the best south Indian food. I bought some sweets and the famous Pune Bhakarwadi for my folks back home. Next day I boarded the train with a promise that I will surely visit this amazing city again.

Vaishali restaurant Pune

Vaishali restaurant Pune | Image Resource : tripadvisor

My Ropeway Experience in Udaipur, with Friends!

I am still unable to come to terms with the reality of my life, and this world. The larger-than-life bird’s eye-view of the Udaipur city from the sensational — Ropeway in Dudh Talai, Udaipur, has started growing up on me!

Ropeway Udaipur

Ropeway Udaipur | Image Resource :

I couldn’t wait to hop back into one of those lovely cable cars and experience the enthral all over again!

So, it was last weekend, when I, along with my gang of friends were on the Udaipur city trip. Before commencing our journey, all we knew was that we had to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

The Ropeway outing was an impromptu one as none of us had any idea about it. And that is surely justifiable. One of the newest tourist attractions in Udaipur, the Ropeway only became famous lately.


Rope Way from Doodh Talai to Karni Mata Temple Udaipur | Image Resource :

It is a sort of bridge-cum-cable-car that connects the iconic Dudh Talai Garden with the rustic Karni Mata temple. The Ropeway is strategically set-up between two mighty mountains – on the bank of the Pichola lake.

While on one side there is the hustle and bustle of the vivacious Udaipur city, the other offers amazing views of the Dudh Talai and the Pichola Lake. Both the contrasting phenomena – the ever-moving city and the tranquil natural elements on either sides, are just enough to please the visitors.

Some more awe-inspiring views of Udaipur, in the form of City Palace Complex, Aravalli mountains, and Sajjangarh Fort also add up to the Ropeway experience.


Amazing Experience of Ropeway in Udaipur | Image Resource : tripadvisor

We had gone for a double ride, to and fro. We were charged around Rs 130 per person. As much as I was thrilled in the first ride, the second ride I used to click some amazing snapshots. We clicked around 2-3 dozen photos of the scenery. A couple of them have my crazy friends in hilarious poses!

Finally, all I could say is that the adventure was an amazing lifetime experience. This was the second time I travelled in a cable car. It was similar to the Simla experience I had last year. Truly marvellous.

How to Become a Successful Mountaineer?


Mountaineer | Image Resource :

Many people are passionate about mountain climbing. They wish to attain laurels as mountain climbers. They often lack the zeal and at times do not know what are the various steps to become a good mountain climber. Here I have listed a few easy steps, which are sure to help you become a far better mountaineer than you actually are. Hope this bit of knowledge helps you.

You must do a thorough research

  • Before you actually start to climb the mountain, you must do extensive research. This helps you stay prepared for all the eventualities that you may have to face.
  • Read books about mountain climbing. You may also read books about the various mountains.
  • Watch DVDs where the climbers share their real life mountaineering experience.
  • You must also research about the best time to climb a certain mountain. You may also read the measures you need to take before you set out.

Understand Your Mental Strength and Weakness

  • You must know well how your mind works before you plan to go mountaineering. Here are some aspects you need to consider.
  • You must know how you react to stress and tension.
  • You must know whether you suffer from vertigo or fear of heights.
  • You should also be aware of your capacity to endure pain.

Improve Your Physical Fitness

  • You need to be physically fit to climb mountains. You must thus work on your physical health before you venture to climb hills. Here are the things you may do.
  • Include running and jogging in your daily routine.
  • Do weight lifting to improve your physical strength.
  • Frequent hiking can help your body develop the habit of climbing.

Learn About Mountain Climbing Ethics

  • It is extremely vital to learn the mountain climbing ethics before you begin. Here we have listed what you need to do.
  • You must make sure you learn the Leave No Trace unique set of principles.
  • You should make sure you tread softly. It is your duty to protect wildlife.
  • Never venture mountaineering all alone.

These simple tips are sure to make you a better mountaineer.