Get ready for Ski biking on Ganga River

Ganga River Patna

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I live in Uttar Pradesh and for us Ganga is not just a river. It is something that bonds us with our culture. The river has inspired many not only spiritually but also in many different ways. Everyday thousands of people visit this holy river, to redeem their faith, wash their sins, and get in touch with the almighty.

This beautiful river is not just the favourite amongst pilgrims. Each year thousands of adventurous tourist visit Ganga. A large section of this tourist population are foreigners. Hence, keeping tourism in mind our government has introduced various activities to attract the visitors.

Boat Ride In Ganga River Patna

Boat Ride In Ganga River Patna I Image Resource :

Recently, fun water activities were introduced in the Ghats of Ganga. The Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation (BSTDC) announced this amazing news on 2 October and made Gandhi Jayanti more special for the people of Patna.

According to the initiative, the visitors can indulge in exciting activities such as speed boating and ski biking. Within a rate of Rs 200, you can enjoy twenty minute of bike skiing ride these rides are available 3 to 5 PM. Whereas at Rs 150 you will get to an exhilarating 30-minute ride of speedboat riding at 40 km/hour.

All these rides are complete safe, professional safety personnel’s are appointed for this purpose. Every Visitor willing to participate in these rides are provided with Life jackets free. All measure are taken by the BSTDC to ensure fun and safe experience. This new scheme has turned lot of places into tourist/hang out spots. One of the most popular destination is the Gandhi Ghat, it is specially known for its cruises and aartis.

The Tourism minister, Mr. Sunil Kumar Pinto has announced about the state’s intention of introducing similar activities around Mahendru Ghat, Gaighat, and Kalighat. He also stated that strategies are being executed to make the entire experience less crowded and more interesting with less waiting. Of Course, this service will be closed during the monsoon season.

Other than Fun and adventure rides, there are lot of other facilities being initiated near the banks of Ganga including the most awaited river cruise and of course the Ganga Vihar floating restaurant. These activities will be functional within two months.

So now, a trip to Ganga is not all religious, it is also getting more fun and exciting.