Ram Niwas Bag Jaipur – A Land of Serenity among Chaos

I owe to wildlife photography and mountain cycling for my growing love towards fitness and work-out. Whenever I visit a new destination; I try to find out a space, a garden or a path that will allow me to- stay in close contact with nature, breathe pure breezes and do my regular jogging or brisk walking. Upon setting my foot in Jaipur, my first concern was to find such an area and Ram Niwas Garden (or Bagh) checked all of my requirements.

The biggest attraction of Ram Niwas Garden was that- it is centrally situated. The beautiful landscape of the park might have dwindled to some extent with the passage of time, but still it has retained enough charm. The wintry sun, the dew drops on the grass, fellow morning walkers with whom I formed a bond and having steaming coffee at the end of my walk from the garden –adjacent café – memories of Ram Niwas Garden will not fade away from my heart in near future.

Ram Niwas Bag Jaipur

Ram Niwas Bag Jaipur | Image Resource: mritunjayport.com

Initially I poked my travel buddies to join me in my morning soiree with Ram Niawas Garden but each of them proved to be anything other than fitness freak. In the end, I realized that to extricate the fullest beauty of Ram Niwas Garden during early morning (all through winter, the park remains open from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; for summers, its 8.30 a.m. – 5.30 pm), you need to be alone.

Being spread out at the heart of the city means that Ram Niwas Garden has many important offices, cafes, parking lot and posh-looking gymnasiums close by. The entrance fee is piddley Rs.10 (though for foreigners it is a whopping Rs.100!). So I found it more economical to lose weight than joining any of those expensive gyms.

The two crowd pullers of Jaipur- Albert Museum and Jaipur Zoo are placed in the adjoining area of it. Every morning, thousands of pigeons used to flock in front of the Albert Museum and like fellow bird-lovers; I fed the birds with grains sold in the nearby area. Surely it was one of the fondest memories in my entire trip of Jaipur.


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