Choose Kalimpong for a unique trekking experience.

True natural beauty doesn’t need any introduction. Recently, I got a chance to experience such a destination when we took a trip to Darjeeling and stayed at Kalimpong. It is a beautiful hill station located at the Mahabharat Range in West Bengal. It is amongst one of the most popular trekking destinations in Darjeeling.

As compared to other tourist destinations in West Bengal, Kalimpong is frequently visited by different types of tourists such as trekking, hikers, adventure junkie etc. Its proximity to other tourist places in Darjeeling has also been a reason for its popularity. This beautiful town is not only known for its trekking zone but also for its vast tea plantations, evergreen forests, floral markets, jewellery, cultural attires and handicrafts.

This amazing hill station is blessed with a vibrant art, culture, food, wildlife and vegetation. If your are in Kalimpong, there are numerous activities you can indulge in. However, I was in Kalimpong for trekking with my cousins.

Neora Valley Nature Reserve

Neora Valley Nature Reserve | Image Resource:

We chose Neora Valley Nature Reserve as our trekking destination. This place represents the oldest ecosystem of Eastern Himalayas. You will notice amazing bio diversity. This reserve also preserves countless rare and endangered avi-fauna, usually flora and fauna.

  •  The trek started from Lava and all the way through the shady dense hill forest.
  •  After scoping the hill and valley you will reach Rachela Pass.
  •  Rachela Pass is 3152 Mts above ground level and is located at the Indo-Bhutan border which was our destination.

After spending few hours on this border, it was time to trek back to the starting point. The return route was a bit different. We decided to trek down to the nearby village and then find our way home rather than going all the way back.

The trek to Rishi Valley was quite pleasant, we made our way through the farmlands, gushing streams, cardamom plantations, and waterfalls, interacted with the villagers and had a fun time.

This was my experience at Kalimpong. Not many people know about this place. However, I highly recommend it to trekkers. I hope that you guys found this post to be interesting. Let me know your thoughts on it.

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