Jagannath Temple Ranchi – Spiritual Feelings along with Peace and Harmony

We took the services of a hired car to reach the Jagannath Temple Ranchi. It was constructed in the year 1691 and is at a distance of 10 km away from the town. This fortified and historical temple is at the top of the hill and we had to climb the hill in order to offer prayers to the deity.

Built as a miniature version or as a replica to the actual Jagannath Temple at Puri, this temple has huge followers and ardent devotees who come in thousands offering prayers. This temple was very fascinating to look at and had three main shrines as in the temple at Puri and those are that of Lord Krishna, his sister Subhadra and his brother Balaram.

The timings of the temple are same for every day from 6.00 AM to 7.30 PM and there is no extra fee to enter the temple premises. As in the main temple at Puri, the Ratha Yatra is also held over here and is celebrated with equal pomp and grandeur. The magnificent view from the top of the hills was amazing. There were many shops selling items for puja and also as souvenirs. While entering we bought only the items, which were to be used for the puja and inside the temple we offered prayers and puja before the Gods.

The Pandas were very efficient and helpful as they guided us through every step and later gave us Prasad or bhog. I took many pictures from outside the temple as camera is not allowed inside the premises. While returning from the temple I bought some souvenir and gift items for my mother.

Visiting the Jagannath Temple Ranchi gave me a feeling of peace and calmness. This Hindu temple with a spiritual ambience is a must-visit place in Ranchi as the awesome view of the temple is breathtaking. The sanctity and harmony of the place takes away all the empty feelings inside and instead fills it with warmth and love. I had enjoyed the visit very much and was looking forward to a new experience in the form of Rock Garden Ranchi.