Paragliding in Pune Best Activity For The Adventure Freaks!

Hi Friends I am Indrajit a budding environment engineer. I have this passion for travelling and adventure sports. One of my friends who is studying engineering with me is from Pune in Maharashtra and he recommended that I must come to Pune and see the magical city at least once in my life.


Pune | Image Resource :

On his insistence I accompanied him to Pune. We went to his house where I was treated with some delicious Maharashtrian delicacies including pooran poli. He took me around the city. We went to Sarad Baug, Sinhagad Fort, Dagdu Sheth Ganpati Temple. He then suggested that I try my hand on paragliding in Pune. I jumped at the offer as I love adventure sports. We decided to leave for Kamshet early in the morning next day.

Paragliding in Pune

Paragliding in Pune | Image Resource :

Amazing activity of paragliding in Pune

Next day in the wee hours we started for Kamshet on my friend’s bike. We went to Rangoli hotel in Kamshet for paragliding in Pune. There were two packages. In the first one you get to fly in the air along with an instructor for 30 minutes in a two seater. You get to click pictures of the beautiful scenes from the top.

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In the second package you can choose the type of ride you want that is classical, instructional and acrobatic. If you are an adventure freak then choose the acrobatic option. That is what we did and oh my God! What an amazing experience it was to do paragliding! I later got to know that they also have three day introductory course. Since next day I had to return back home I was not able to enroll for it. But I have decided that someday when I visit Pune again I will enroll for this amazing paragliding introductory course.

Aacrobatic Paragliding

Aacrobatic Paragliding | Image Resource :

We returned back to the city and my friend took me to this amazing Vaishali restaurant and treated me to some of the best south Indian food. I bought some sweets and the famous Pune Bhakarwadi for my folks back home. Next day I boarded the train with a promise that I will surely visit this amazing city again.

Vaishali restaurant Pune

Vaishali restaurant Pune | Image Resource : tripadvisor

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