My Train Travel from Kanpur to Pune LJN Pune Express Was Hectic But Worth Doing

I have been born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh which is considered to be the country’s largest area in terms of population.  I have always been fascinated with the beautiful and colourful spots that my state has on offer.

There is no doubt about the fact that Uttar Pradesh attracts millions of visitors every year on various religious occasions. However, the extreme rise of population as well as pollution has resulted in the state becoming extremely dirty.

Even the holy Ganga which flows through the heart of the state, has become extremely dirty. It is due to these reasons that I have selected my future as a quality environmental engineer. Being a student, I always have a knack of exploring new and unique sites. Well, this eagerness of mine has also contributed in deciding my aim in life.

I would love to get a MS degree from the United States and in the process, would get the opportunity to fly beyond the country’s borders. I am an avid lover of nature and wildlife and go out on short trips with my friends with an aim of exploring mountains, dense forests, crystal clear rivers, etc.

Adventure is one of the greatest passions of my life and I never shy from different types of lively activities such as camping, trekking, mountain cycling, mountain climbing, etc. I had finished my semester exams and wanted to plan a short trip with some of my college friends before going back home.

LJN Pune Express

LJN Pune Express | Image Resource :

I had spent a lot of time in unravelling the mysteries of North India and so I chose to travel to the other half. After a lot of arguments, we decided to travel to Pune via LJN Pune Express as it would completely suit our budget. The Kanpur Pune route can be covered in various ways like bus, train, car and of course flights but trains are undoubtedly the most feasible option.

The LJN Pune Express arrives at Kanpur at 7:50 AM and we had just 10 minutes in hand. We knew that the train would take almost two days to cover the entire Kanpur Pune route of 1,480 km and prepared ourselves accordingly.


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