Bhadra Fort – A Jewel in Ahmedabad’s Rich History

My visit to the Calico Museum of Textiles was quite enlivening. The way it preserved and showcased Indian handicraft heritage is awe-inspiring and a lesson for all the other museums of India engaged in similar works. Of course, I longed to spend some more time there, but my busy schedule reminded me my next destination that I had to move on to travel to the Bhadra Fort, which is located in the Gandhi Road.

Bhadra Fort Darwaja

Bhadra Fort Darwaja | Image Resource :

The fort was constructed in the early 14th century when the Maratha rulers reigned in Gujarat. It gets a special mention every time when one speaks of old monuments in the city. This is the reason why this royal fort occupies the primary position in travelers’ itinerary when they go for a sightseeing trip to the city. It is an amazing place surrounded by lush-green surroundings in the form of gardens, which give a charming appeal to the fort.

The fort is famous because of the temple located inside its premises, which is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali. In today’s time, the fort is used for hoisting the national flag and Republic Day parades on January 26 and August 15. The fort stands tall today amidst the government offices, which lie in vicinity to it. It is made of red sandstones. There is another important attraction lying on the eastern side, which is known as the Teen Darwaza.

Bharda Fort-Finest Monuments in Ahmedabad

Bharda Fort-finest monuments in Ahmedabad | Image Resource :

The balconies and arches of the palace inside the fort are beautifully decorated with all kinds of ornaments. The legend says that Goddess Laxmi once visited the temple and ever since she had blessed the Sultan and his city with endless fortunes. I am not a believer of these legends but certainly I find Ahmedabad as a very prosperous city where people are not only wealthy but also happy in their lives.

Bhadra Fort

Bhadra Fort | Image Resource :

The trip to the Bhadra Fort was good. For clicking pictures, it’s a must visit for photography bugs and those interested in history of Gujarat, this palace is certainly recommended to them. Once the trip to Bhadra Fort was finished I left for my hotel to rest for the night. The next day I decided to visit another historical location in the city known as the Adalaj Stepwell.


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