Calico Textile Museum, Ahmedabad – Exquisite Collection of Indian Handicrafts

It was my second day in this lovely city of Ahmedabad and I had a good time so far. The progress and development this city has made surely put it way above every other city of India. It has very beautifully preserved its heritage and accepted modernity too. The infrastructure of the Sardar Patel Stadium and the legacy of Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram speak volume about the city’s development.

Calico Textile Museum Ahmedabad

Calico Textile Museum Ahmedabad | Image Resource :

The next day morning I had my itinerary fixed and got ready to visit one of the famous museums of the city, which is known by the name of Calico Museum of Textiles. The museum is very famous as it houses the finest collections of antiques from around the world and also showcases the modern Indian textiles. Some of the artifacts available in the museum are as old as 500 years. The sheer work of excellence and genius by Indian craftsmen is artistically presented in the museum.

It was the first time that I saw Kashmiri shawls, which took around three to four years to make, in the museum. Another interesting thing on display inside the museum is the ‘double ikat’ clothes, which consist of some 100,000 threads each individually dyed before they are woven. The museum organizes two tours every day when it is open and it also requires an advance booking through mail or call.

Calico Museum of Textiles Collection

Calico Museum of Textiles Collection | Image Resource :

The main gallery of the textile museum allows entry only in the mornings. The tour lasts for 2 hours. The afternoon tour is for visiting the Vikram Sarabhai Foundation’s collection of amazing arts and artifacts devoted to Indian heritage and religious deities.

The visit to this museum was worth every minute spent there. It was the first time that I had seen a textile museum. The Calico Textile Museum has very beautifully preserved the art and heritage of Indian handicrafts some of which are centuries old. The museum doesn’t allow photography so I wasn’t able to click any pictures on my own. To people who visit Ahmedabad, I certainly recommend them to visit this museum.

Inside the Calico Museum

Inside the Calico Museum | Image Resource :

The visit to the Calico Textile Museum was a worthy one; nevertheless, I had to move on to visit yet another sightseeing place, which was the famous Bhadra Fort.


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