Sabarmati Ashram – A Site that Shaped India’s National Movement

It was a terrific feeling to visit the Sardar Patel Stadium located at Motera. After a small halt at the wayside restaurant for quick refreshment, I proceeded to another must-visit place situated nearby. Frankly speaking, this place is one of the most historic sites of Indian Independence Movement and it is none other than the Sabarmati Ashram. The site was used by Mahatma Gandhi to control the national movement against the British. The reason why the place is so important is because it was the symbol of Gandhi’s philosophies and ethos.

Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram | Image Resource :

The place is known for shaping all the national movements and all the political strategies of Mahatma Gandhi. Furthermore, it is also responsible for shaping all the consciousness of the masses, which were behind Gandhi’s movement. The place is highly revered by everyone as Gandhi’s great life was shaped from here. It is the site that immortalizes Mahatma Gandhi in the hearts of all the people around the world. The ashram is open till 6:30 pm every day and the entry inside is free for all.

It was a feeling of great peace and calm to be inside this historic ashram. One could only imagine how life will be for the people during that time that followed Gandhi’s teachings and discourses of non violence and non cooperation with the British from inside the ashram. The main aim of the ashram for Mahatma Gandhi was to provide training for and also contribute to the service of the nation. The people got an immense spiritual and moral development inside the ashram through the teachings of Gandhi. The people of ashram referred to Gandhi as Bapu and soon the word became a common term throughout India to refer to Gandhi.

Sabarmati Ashram Ahmedabad

Sabarmati Ashram Ahmedabad | Image Resource :

Each and every corner of the ashram is witness to the historical relevance and contributions that Gandhi played for the freedom of India. The ashram is visited by a multitude of tourists from all over the world who are either inspired or fascinated by the teachings and lives of Mahatma Gandhi. The place should be visited by anyone who visits the city of Ahmedabad. With a heavy heart I left the place to my next destination, which was the Calico Textile Museum.


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