Train Travel from Lucknow to Ahmedabad – A Long and Rewarding Journey

Hello everyone, it has been quite some time since I have posted my account of travel experience. In the end of June, I finally got some time to go on a short trip to a place. There were many places in my mind but I decided to go to the western part of India this time. Ahmedabad was the instant choice. I had heard a lot about this city from my friends and relatives, so I decided to explore it this time on my own. I had planned to travel this city by train.

I conducted a search on the internet for all the trains that run between Lucknow and Ahmedabad. The IRCTC mobile app is very good for this purpose. There are some 9 weekly trains from Lucknow to Ahmedabad, out of which only one Lucknow Ne (LJN) to Ahmedabad Junction (ADI) starts from Lucknow. I booked an upper class AC coach ticket in LJN ADI Special. The train starts from Lucknow at 2:30 am so I had to leave from my home about an hour in advance to the railway station.

Lucknow Junction

Lucknow Junction | Image Resource :

The train departed on time from Lucknow and I went straight to sleep on my berth. The coach was quite clean; it was good to see cleanliness maintained by the railways now. The fellow passengers told me that it was the best among all the Lucknow to Ahmedabad trains. The train traveled through some parts of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan and entered the state of Gujarat. I usually avoid eating food from railway stations but this time I ate at many stations as the food was looking very tempting.

Ahmedabad Junction

Ahmedabad Junction | Image Resource :

Some of my fellow passengers in the railway compartment were from Ahmedabad, so from them I came to know about a few places which I should visit in the city. In the train, I had prepared a small list of about 8 to 9 places to visit in the city. The train reached the Ahmedabad Junction, also known as Kalupur at 7:30 am. From the station I hired a taxi to my hotel, which I had booked in advance. The road was busy with traffic and I enjoyed the views on the way to Greenwoods Lake Resort & Spa, which was situated in central place of the city.


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