Undavalli Caves -The Evident Sample for Architecture Skills of India

Before visiting the Undavali caves I visited the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam which is about 386 km away from Vizag. I stayed there to explore the nature. In the morning I went for a morning walk in the woods. After the morning walk, I felt my body and mind revived and restored. It was an awesome experience to stroll through woods enjoying the forest. The cool wind and shrills of squirrels were enamoring.

Undavalli Caves

Undavalli Caves | Image Resource : wondermondo.com

I went down to the Dam; Anyway, it was an astonishing experience to remain in the chill water. I sat on the stones for while and came to the hotel room to pack my things to visit Undavalli caves which was my next destination.

I had my breakfast from the hotel and got into a bus to Undavalli Village. The driver told me that it will take 3 hours to reach Undavalli Village. The budget traveler can find plenty of buses to this village from the Dam.

Undavalli Caves Guntur

Undavalli Caves Guntur | Image Resource : alltouristattractions.org

After 3 hours of journey I reached the Village. I felt the journey comfortable as I like traveling a lot. The Undavalli Caves are the example of rock-cut building design of India and caves are located at the Undavalli vilaage in Tadepalli Mandal, Moreover it is situated on the banks of the Krishna River. I traveled 22 km to reach the caves from here.

Ananta Narada Thumbura

Ananta Narada Thumbura | Image Resource : wordpress.com

The caves were built out of strong sandstone around 4th and 5th century. I could see a few caves and the most prominent and biggest cave has four stories. The statue of Lord Vishnu is carved in single rock stone and is main deity here. The statue of God Vishnu is sculptured on the second floor.

Statue of God Vishnu in a Reclining Posture

Statue of God Vishnu in a Reclining Posture | Image Resource : googleusercontent.com

Different statues of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were carved inside the caves. The caves showcase the craftsmen ship and excellent architectural abilities of Gupta Period. Since some caves were Buddhist religious habitation in olden days, the first floor showcases the Buddhist god and Buddhist figures. The walls are carved beautiful sculptures. The Undavalli caves were built by the Vishnukundina rulers of 420 to 620 A.D.


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