Aroma Classic in Jaipur – Enjoyable, Efficient and Economical!

Before we start off our voyage to Jaipur, the first and foremost concern for us was- how much a hotel in Jaipur shall cost?

Though being continuously on a shoestring budget means that you have to keep your expectations grounded all the time during travel, Jaipur surprised us on many accounts. Apart from its awe-inducing sights, Jaipur had another trick up to its sleeve and that was- Aroma Classic Hotel.

Before the trip, my travel-buddies and I had checked upon various sites that were comprised of descriptions over Jaipur hotels but nothing clicked. Though each of us knew- how to survive on a piddley budget while travelling, we had chalked out a non-negotiable list before selecting the ideal hotel for us and surprisingly Aroma Classic ticked them all.

Hotel Aroma Classic

Hotel Aroma Classic | Image Resource:

First of all, the location of this hotel is simply amazing. It is approximately 4 KM away from Jaipur railway station, so once we got off from the train; we didn’t face any hassle to reach over there. Thanks to our favorite app for hotel booking, we had booked two deluxe rooms beforehand, but never in our wildest dream imagined such impeccable service that Aroma offered us in reality.

From it convenient location that made it easier for us to visit Hawa Mahal, Jali Wali Masjid and Jaipur Moorti Museum at a stretch to its European style bathrooms; from its superbly helpful travel desk to 24-hour room service, Aroma left no room to complain about and that too- within our modest funds!

Being the sole foodie of the gang, it was my heart’s desire to consume as many authentic Rajasthan dishes as possible during our stay and the spacious, multi-cuisine restaurant of Aroma satiated all my hunger to the fullest.

The Wi-Fi access made it possible, especially for me to indulge into blogging from the comfort of my bed. I was also very impressed to see the amenities presented by Aroma for corporate travelers, so I decided then and there that- post my MS-degree, if I ever go to the entrepreneurial way, I shall host my company’s first annual meeting in hotel Aroma Classic itself.

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