A Rendezvous with Rajasthan- My Delightful Expedition from Lucknow to Jaipur

One of the few cons of student life is- travelling on a shoestring budget. When I decided to take a short break from the two passions of my life – studying Environment Engineering and hiking mountains; the word ‘Rajasthan’ kept flashing in my mind. To honor that, I promptly called up few of my travel-buddies at my place and laid out my plan.

The next step was, checking out various exciting Rajasthan tourism packages online and the most economic deal of book flight with hotel for Jaipur caught our attentions. As the time was limited, we decided to zero upon only Jaipur this time.

We agreed upon Garib Nawaj Express as to-go train because the tickets were cheaper. Two of my friends who always believe that the price of the train ticket is directly proportional to the experience of journey, were pleasantly surprised this time. The beauty of the landscapes out of the windows, the comfortable seats and our jolly fellow travelers made it one helluva of an experience.

Garib Nawaj Express

Garib Nawaj Express | Image Resource: flickr.com

Jaipur- The Land of Maginificence:

This was the first time I visited Jaipur and it was truly love-at-first-sight. With its grandeur, opulence, color riots, mouth-watering food and attractive souvenir shops- Jaipur left us asking for more. I have always maintained that a heritage city must be explored through walking; and Jaipur again proved that my philosophy is so right.

In every nukes and corners of the city, you will get to see the nuggets of Rajputana history, Mughal architecture and unique lifestyle of people of this royal place. The timing was also right as the lovely wintry sun accompanied us everywhere and made us warm and cozy.

Whether it’s the awe-inducing City Palace or complex Jantar-Mantar; Jaipur reaffirms my belief that India has them all to become the number one tourist destination of the world.

It is said that the Jaipur is an auspicious city – both for its inhabitants and ones who visit it from outside. Hope this time, Jaipur has rubbed some of its good luck on me also. And even if it doesn’t, I shall always remember it with lots of fondness and happy memories.


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