Tagore Hill Ranchi – Amazing Scenic Beauty at 300 Feet High Place

The serene surrounding of the temple relaxed my mind and I felt really good. I wanted to spend some more time there, but we have a few more places to visit and so decided to move on. The next destination, we could witness some scenic beauty and feel good and fresh and so the next planned stop was the Tagore Hill Ranchi. The place is not far but only at a small distance of 4 km from the north side of the Ranchi city.

It is so named because the Tagore family had bought the place because of the scenic beauty and the place is also popular because of the fact that Rabindranath Tagore scripted many of his beautiful literature scripts while sitting at that particular beautiful location. It is a popular and famous tourist destination as it is at a height of 300 feet and the view through the place seemed endless and also a place where both national and international travelers and tourists flock here in abundance which makes the place look beautiful and colorful.

Tagore Hill Ranchi

Tagore Hill Ranchi | Image Resource: jagran.com

The slopes of the hills are stony and the views are amazingly beautiful. I took amazing pictures of the splendid place, the exotic scenery and even the beautiful landscape. It is truly a marvelous place and the weather of that place is even calm and comfortable which makes the experience even more wonderful and pleasant. At such an elevation seeing the beautiful birds perching on the trees and flying in the sky is quite lovely.

The cold breeze seemed to be hugging me and the sunset was very beautiful to watch. Small shops selling different food items could be seen at the top of the hills. Being a foodie I had to eat the different snacks and cold drinks which were available. It was basically a private place but tourists are now allowed to stay a while and witness the natural beauty through their eyes atop the hill and be at a great serene and calm environment for a while with their family and friends. We all clicked many snaps with some of them involving one another and Tagore Hill Ranchi was a great place to be at and with this we decided to move onto our next phase of journey.


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