Pahari Mandir Ranchi – Breathtaking View with Serene Ambience

After the visit to the Birsa Zoological Park, we were anxious to see the Pahari Mandir Ranchi as my mother had specially asked me to visit that temple. The temple is open on all the days from 6.00 AM to 7.30 PM and hence, we reached the temple in the morning through our hired car. Situated on the top of the hill at 2140 feet altitude this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva or Shankara as he is called here.

This temple is at an easily accessible distance of only twelve kilometer from the nearby airport and just eight km from the nearby railway station. We had to climb many steps to reach the summit but it was worthwhile as the view at the top was eye catching and breathtaking. This Hindu Temple is one of the most visited religious site and is visited by the devotees in a huge number. This temple was very fascinating to look at and had the main shrines in the temple is the Shiva Lingam.

Pahari Mandir Entrance

Pahari Mandir Entrance | Image Resource:

In the month of shravana, the numbers are uncountable as there is no unoccupied space left. We had to leave our shoes and camera outside as they were not allowed inside the temple premises.We had bought the items required for puja like milk, flowers and sandalwood paste from the shops which were situated outside. The Shiva Lingam was very mesmerizing and we held puja over there with the help of temple pandas.

The Pandas were very efficient and helpful as they guided us through every step and later gave us Prasad. I took many pictures from outside the temple as camera is not allowed inside the premises. While returning from the temple I bought some souvenir and gift items for my mother. This Hindu temple with a spiritual ambience is a must visit place in Ranchi as it fills the air with warmteh and laughter.

Pahari Mandir Ranchi

Pahari Mandir Ranchi | Image Resource:

Pahari Mandir Ranchi has been a spiritual and divine experience and I was sure to treasure this visit for a long time. This was really a unique and historical temple. Though we were reluctant to leave the premises, the time factor could not be ignored as we had to still visit the Tagore Hill Ranchi.


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